1. When did your children sprout their first teeth?

    I have a feeling that Julia will be getting hers soon. She's drooling like a mad woman, sucking her hands like crazy, goes to town on the teething rings we have and has little white nubbies on her gums.

    And just for the cuteness, daddy took her to his office yesterday while I copied some papers and went to his lawyer to drop off some things :smile:


    It looks like she's got a little tooth in the picture, but she doesn't ;)
  2. ^^Ooooh, she's the picture of cuteness. Teeth can start coming anywhere from 5 months up. By the time they are a year old, they normally have 8 teeth, four upper incisors and 4 lower.

    I feel like coming over to Germany to give Julia a cuddle! She's SO adorable!!
  3. my kids were young, all of mine had their 1st teeth in their 3rd month.
    I was sad, no more gummy smiles!:cry:
  4. Yes, my daughter was young too. I want to say around 4 months. She had a hard time too. It would never be jsut one or 2 coming in but I want to say she got her upper and lower fronts all at once. She was in a lot of pain and had fevers. It was nasty. My son on the other hand really didn't have any problems with it!!
  5. My son had his first right at 4 months. Frozen waffles are the best! They can hold it, it numbs the gums and tastes good!
  6. 4-6 months is when mine got theirs. She is the sweetest little muffin!!
  7. Thanks you guys! I was going to ask at her doctors appointment next week, but curiosity got the best of me and I had to ask here :smile:

    She doesn't seem to be in pain, so that is good! Silvia, we haven't started solids with Julia yet - and don't plan to until at least 6 months. When did you start giving yours waffles?
  8. Ours had his first around 7.5 - 8 months. He was a bit cranky. The 2nd tooth didn't bother him at all (I'm hoping the rest will be like that. LOL). The weird thing was that he NEVER drooled.
  9. My son around 4-5 months and my daughter with 10 months (I was even wondering if she ever would get teeth :roflmfao:)
  10. I think your daughter and mine are days apart, Addison was born on May 1, 2007 and she is teething now too. BTW your daughter is precious!
  11. Both of my boys got their first teeth when they were 3-4 months old. My youngest is 8 months old and has 8 teeth already and is starting to work on his molars.

    We used Orajel to help with the discomfort. I don't know if it's available where you are though. It's a topical numbing agent made specifically for babies.
  12. WOW, she's gotten so big. All babies are different. Mine started when she was 6-8 I think because I remember I stoped BF her when she was 9mo because she'd bite me so hard that she made me bleed one day.
  13. 2 days apart! Julia is April 29 :biggrin:
  14. My son is teething to I'm going to miss his cute gummy smiles :heart:
  15. My baby was born May 2nd 2007! Shes drooling like crazy too.

    Hyland's Teething Tablets are the best! You just put 1 or 2 under their tongue and they dissolve. I lick my fingers to get it started. After they dissolve, she calms down and most of the time takes a nap. They are all natural, so no worries! You arent drugging your baby!