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  1. Anyone with teething babies? I've been through this before but for newbie mommies or anyone wanting to commiserate, here it is. Baby is 7 months and got his first tooth a couple of weeks ago. His 2nd tooth is also coming in and has already broken through. He's had a mild fever most of the time and now gets up to drink more in the middle of the night. He use to sleep through the night but am told this is common during teething. I'm excited because he already looks different with one tooth in but sad the toothless grin is going away. He's changing so quick. I haven't given any Tylenol for the fever because the fever is constant and he is not miserable. He got bored of the frozen chew thing but really likes gnawing on those little biscuits for babies. Anyone else want to share,commiserate, or have questions?
  2. is he grumpy?
    My kids teethed VERY young, all 3 had 2 teeth at 3 months old :cry:
    I SWEAR by Hylands teething tablets :biggrin:
    You could tell a difference in my boys demeanor within 10 minutes.
  3. He is not grumpy any more, thank goodness. He was when the first tooth came in but now that the 2nd one already broke through, he only has a fever left.

    OMG, teeth at 3 months? Were you breastfeeding then?
  4. yes, my DD:yes:
  5. teething tablets and popsicles did wonders...
  6. Anbesol did not work on any of my four, but frozen bananas and bagels did!! They sucked on them long enough to numb there gums and temporarily put them out of pain. If he likes the teething bisquit, put it in the freezer and see if it works. Good luck...
  7. I know your pain...my babe is teething right now. I don't like to give her any meds for it, so we're all suffering greatly! One dentist told me it's probably the single worst pain a person can go through in their lifetime, but you don't remember it. (but then my question was...how do they know it was the most painful?)
  8. My aunt used these on my cousins...she says you cant tell they are even teething once you give it to them. :tup:

    My 3 month old isnt teething yet...but when she starts I'm using these.