teething... when does it really start?

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  1. ds is 3 months today, and about a week ago he started chewing me up... as a matter of fact- i m typink right now with one hand and ds is sitting on my lap and bitting my thumb :nuts:... does that mean he's teething? i know i should remember this since he's not my 1st, but i dont. when does the actual teething really start? should i expect to see teeth real soon?
  2. yes...babies can be teething as soon as they are out of the womb it seems...my youngest son had 4 teeth by the time he was 4 mths old. so he was chewing and drooling pretty quickly after being born.

    mack was slower on teething, she really started drooling and chewing when she was about 3 mths. she has 5 teeth through so far and more on the way.
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    My oldest son was very late getting teeth. He's 23 months and only has 12. My lil 4 month old is gnawing away on his hands already. It's genetics. My mom says I was avg at around 4-6 mos whereas DH was late getting teeth.
  4. my dd first tooth appeared at 5 months
  5. my twin boys started teething & drooling at the same time, around 3 months. one twin got his teeth in at 4 months (bottom) and 6 months (top). the other twin has nothing yet. they are 6.5 months now.
  6. DS started chomping on anything he could get in his mouth (more DH's fingers than mine - I think because mine are bonier!) at around 3 months. He also became a drool bucket about the same time. He's 5 1/2 months now and we're still waiting on teeth...
  7. Gosh, I almost wanted to start a thread titled, Teething.....when does it end???? My son started teething at around 3-4 months, but didn't get a tooth until 7 months. He periodically has some bouts of teething at 16 months when he is ohhh so cranky and wakes up during the night:sad:
  8. My son started teething around 4-5 months. I think the first tooth finally popped around 5 months.
  9. DS starting drooling at around 2 months. He bit on everything. First tooth popped up around 5.5 months. Now he is 9 months and has 4 (2 bottom, 2 top) and still drools from time to time.

    It'll take a while for first tooth to pop up, maybe a couple more months. Not all babies drool when they teeth. Drooling indicates teething is a myth according to DS's paeditrician.
  10. neither of my kids drooled or chewed on stuff. they also never showed discomfort, teeth just appeared. i can't recall when they all popped out. but i think it was a bit later than average.

    i'd recommend a trip to the pediatric dentist around 1 yr old, regardless of how many teeth.
  11. i think my son started teething at 3 months and his first tooth popped through at 5 months... we're working on our 1 year molars now and i just can't wait for this teething business to be over!
  12. Kam had 4 teeth at 4 months also. I know another little guy that is about her age and didn't start teething til about 11 months. You just never know.
  13. just curious- how does drooling correlate to teething? B/c dd has started drooling since about 10 weeks old... she's not even 3 mos yet but i know she's already figured out how to bite*ouch*