Teeth Whitening - Do u do it?

  1. I can't wear crest white strips, and the brushon whiteners from the makers of colgate totally doesn't work - but I did go to the dentist and get my teeth whitened with zoom!2 and it HURT so bad about 3 hours afterwards - to the point of tears and me having to spray chloraseptic on my teeth for a day.

    The dentist says it should last about 2 years - but is there anything that you guys know of that is good for ultra sensitive teeth?? I want to make sure they don't get weird 'hollywood white' like kelly pickler on Idol weird-white but you ladies have great suggestions for lots of other stuff so I thought I'd give it a shot - thx!
  2. Yeah, the in-office procedure is W A Y too strong for a lot of people. The best thing to do is to have him make you some trays. Then you can whiten them at home whenever you like w/o making your teeth so sensitive but much safer and more effective than the store bought products.
    I use my whitening trays about 2x a year and people comment on my white teeth all the time:biggrin:
    Hopefully that didn't sound snotty, they just happen to be one of my better features.
    Also, use Sensodyne toothpast and let it sit on your teeth for a few minutes, it makes a WORLD of difference!
  3. My dentist did cosmetic porcelain bonding on my teeth a couple of years ago to protect the enamel (which was wearing away with age). So now they're slightly whiter than they were before, but I might ask her if there's a way I can whiten them a bit further. I do used Rembrandt intense stain formula toothpaste; I drink a lot of coffee and this seems to prevent the stains/yellowing from getting worse.
  4. did you get your teeth whitening trays at the dentist? my dentist actually recommended that I get them but I am scared of the sensitivity. I have just recently started using sensodyne and can tell a big difference -

    I have really nice straight teeth, but I also am an avid coffee drinker and am easily exposed to not so bright teeth so I had to take desperate measures and actually get them zoomed, but I never ever want to do that again so I am trying to find alternatives before it's time to get them done again lol
  5. I've also had my teeth whitened at the dentist. I had zoom as well. The procedure itself didn't bother me other than very slight sensitivity on my front teeth. What bothered me was wearing the trays overnight afterwards. I thought I would lose my mind!

    I tried the Crest Whitestrips prior to having them done professionally. My teeth were very sensitive to them. Never again.

    I would recommend getting trays made and wearing them as often as you may need to. A few hours a week/month. Whatever you think you need.
  6. I wear my trays at home for an hour or 2 before I go to sleep. I don't drink coffe, but I drink my Diet Coke w/ a straw because I *could* be a little OCD about it staining my teeth too!
    I use a whitening toothpate everyday and Sensodyne for a bout a week after I bleach.
    The home stuff shouldn't cause you too much sensitivity, you can do it in doses that are comfortable for you - like 20 mins at a time or whatever.
  7. I drink coffee and smoke occasionally.

    I just do little at home night gels- and they seriously work wonders, and don't really hurt my SUPER sensitive teeth. :smile:
  8. I've never had it done at the dentist, but I have used Crest Whitestrips with fantastic results.
  9. my mom can use crest white strips with great results and zero sensitivity, but not me - on my 3rd night I feel like freddy vs jason is going on with multiple stabbing through my teeth!

    yea the actual zoom proceedure didn't hurt at all, but around 3 hours later I was going bonkers with pain - it hurt so bad I couldn't even think right or do anything about it. it was crazy!

    I might have to look into the tray things and maybe ask for a really mild solution...
  10. Exactly what I do. Actually the first time I did it was Christmas time this year. I got the trays made (they fit your mouth for the trays) and then you do the trays when you would like. I did not like it at night so I would do it while I watched TV before bed. What you need to do is not leave them in for hours, rather just an hour and then wash it all off. This way your teeth won't get extra sensitive. I am a huge fan of this procedure! It has done wodners for my nice white smile! :cool:
  11. No. I've never done it or had it done. But I think the Whitestrips thing looks great.
  12. I whiten my teeth, but with the at home stuff. One of my friends (she's a dentist) made me some trays and they work much better than anything else (even the crest white strips). What I do is "boost" the whiteness every couple of weeks vice doing it for 2 weeks straight. I find that my teeth aren't as sensitive that route. It may be sensitive for about half a day and subsides quickly.

    My teeth stay pretty white and I get comments on them a lot. Even dentists have asked me what I do to get my teeth so white.
  13. wow thanks you guys for all your feedback - I am going to call my dentist this week and get some trays! I think I could handle doing it while I watch tv at night and then wash it off and hopefully not have to deal with sensitivity issues.

    you ladies ROCK!
  14. I've used the trays and they were great. I had to use them often as I drink coffee and red wine almost daily. I would experience a bit of sensitivity on the 5th day-plus of a 7 day course of treatment.

    Now that I'm in my mid-40s and have a few crowns (and a bridge on my front teeth due to an accident), I expect that I'll be getting porcelain veneers within a year or so. I hope they last quite a while.
  15. I use the white strips and they seem to work for me. Last a long time though.