Tees for 70 bucks?

  1. there are TD tees on eBay for 70 buckaroos. wow.
  2. haha thats me :shame: my bf told me to try to sell some of my stuff... so i'm trying :rolleyes: if it doesn't sell then he can't say anything :sneaky:

    the sad thing is the last pink latte shirt i saw went for $71 + shipping :hrmm:

    plus there's a special listing price that was well yesterday i guess by now... so it didn't cost any extra to list it that high
  3. whats funny is that i probably would have paid close to that much for a mamma mia tee. good thing i found the last one at japanla. i was pretty desperate for that shirt, oh man the things we do for toki. sheez.
  4. I saw that one tehlilione, it's so cute, you should wear it yourself, I'd never sell it if I had one.

    There are like 30 bags that sell for 499$ :lol:, but I think that's just some eBay/seller mistake.

    Cheap Buon Viaggio.

  5. oh wait that was yours??? hahahhahahaah. are you secretly trying to keep it for yourself? heehee :sneaky:
  6. wow, how do you get the TD wallpaper in your listing and everything so nicely organized in boxes? are you or your bf good at html or something?
  7. lol, isn't this the second time someone did that and listed it so high?
  8. I'd definitely keep it but I just ordered two more shirts :sweatdrop: and even tho I'm not a large person these tokidoki shirts make me feel fat :sad: the mediums are about an inch shorter than the larges plus they're a little tighter. I'm fine w/ the black bunny one since you cant really see it on black but since these two are lighter you can see when I wear a second shirt under to make it longer and I don't like my lil chub showing when I wear shirts. BTW the shirts I ordered are both larges so they'll be more useful :smile:

    so yupp... if they don't sell tho then I can't say I didn't try and i'll keep them definitely. I'm just hoping that simone starts up his shirt selling online or has new shirts of the older prints or something. I'm going to SDCC this year again and this time I :love: tokidoki so I'll raid their booth if they have it again (they had booths before but I never paid attention that much... too focused on anime/manga I guess :lol:). I'll also take requests if they're there but that'll be around the end of July ;)
  9. oh tehlilone thats a nice shirt! ive never seen that one before!
  10. wow I write a response and there's three comments I haven't seen LOL

    mojito: yupp those two are mine :lol: I figured if they sell that high then there's someone out there who wants it more than I do and I'll be happy to part with it. Any less and I'll be like MINE :tender:

    sempre: yeah I'm the good one at html I guess lol... my bf stole my coding! his is the jordan/jersey stuff btw mine's the tokidoki and books... I just used tables there was somewhere that showed how you put backgrounds on the auction and when I saw they just used tables I decided to use them myself :smile:

    vmasterz: you ladies are making me want to pull them :p ahhh but I need money I've been cutting into my funds for school since I get financial aid and stuff. I'm starting to worry if I have enough for my rent plus cc bills and then there's the spiaggia coming in a few weeks :shocked:
  11. Kinda lost...can you teach me a thing or two...doesn't have to be posted if you mind doing so. I've been meaning to learn but have no one around to teach me- except maybe this physiologist-but he digresses a lot and is usually busy helping my sensei with his website.
  12. I CANNOT STOP MYSELF from buying tokidoki... i now have more tees and bags than I can wear. :wtf:

    and i have a bunch of things coming in the mail this week, AND I just bought a foresta canguro on eBay today (my third canguro, and I havent even worn the first 2) YIKES.
  13. The very little HTML/CSS knowledge I have, I got here:

    This is the page for tables, but they teach everything, it's quite helpful if you can't get anyone to explain stuff to you. :supacool: