Teeny-tiny slits on caviar leather, anyone notice with classic flap?

  1. When I got my medium/large classic flap order from Saks, I notice one teeny-tiny slit on caviar leather on one side of the bag. It is so tiny, you will only see it if you look very closely. It is like one of the bumps of the caviar leather got a millimeter cut (yes it is just a millimeter slit, see very tiny) around its circumference. I looked at the other side and there is also a similar millimeter slit about the same location on the other side. It is really unnoticeable but I am afraid over time this open slit will become larger and I will blame myself for not exchanging the bag this early. Anyway, I will be having a trip to NY (yey!) this weekend and I am thinking of getting the bag replaced since I just got this bag right before the price increase. Do you think I am being very picky? This is my first (and maybe last Chanel bag) and since I paid a lot for this I think it has to be perfect. Do you notice anything the same with your bags? Is this a characteristic of the caviar that I may see more of these as I use the bag more? I haven't used this bag yet so I think I can still exchange it. Anyway, just want to get your opinions.
  2. I would just exchange it. You should buy a bag that's in perfect condition, and since the classic flap is usually readily available it would definitely just put you at ease to get one that's suitable. For the money, you ought to be completely satisfied. I don't have that problem on any of my caviar flaps, so I'd say that's not normal.
  3. I have a caviar flap and there are no tiny slits. Exchange it.
  4. Exchange it:tup:
  5. That happened to me a few days ago! I noticed it had a slit so I pushed it with my nail. I made it look worse! Now I took it back and they said they'd "call me next week" and let me know what they can do for me. I know I didnt do it. Dont touch it. It will get worse. Take it back.
  6. Definitely take it back.....
  7. That doesn't sound right. Take it back!
  8. I have seen quite a few caviar classic flaps with the slits! I am so annoyed by them!! Hope you find a better one and exchange it!
  9. I was thinking of you hikarupanda when I saw the title of this thread, especially after you finally found your highly anticipated M/L red 07 and the disappointment with the slit. I remember seeing it as well from the pics posted. :sad:

    Anyway roussel, it can be a hit-or-miss with the classic flaps as they definitely can have flaws. I hope you'll exchange the one you bought for another one. Good luck.
  10. Yes Layla, I was so disappointed about that red bag! I so agree that it is a hit-or-miss when it comes to classic flap.....so good luck roussel!
  11. ok I will try my luck tomorrow when I go to Saks NY. I like this bag for everything else so I hope the one I find will be perfect and not have other flaws I will then find when I get home.
  12. If its imperfect exchange it. You should get a perfect bag for that kind of money - and that way you can feel confident your investment will wear well over the years. I exchanged my white caviar clutch because the screws on the hinge at one side of the closure was loose and the clutch did not close tightly enough. I debated for two days then took it back for an exchange because I felt I should get a perfect bag! After all, that's one of the reasons I went to the boutique and not eBay.