Teens unremoseful after stealing from Girl Scout

  1. Just saw these two brats on the news... I am so ticked off at their flippiant attitude I want to spank them black and blue!!


    Teens Unremorseful After Stealing From Girl Scout

    Police: Charges Could Be Pending

    POSTED: 12:09 pm EST February 1, 2008
    UPDATED: 5:01 pm EST February 1, 2008


    BOYNTON BEACH, Fla. -- The State Attorney's Office will decide whether to charge two teens who admit they robbed a 9-year-old Girl Scout selling cookies outside of a Boynton Beach supermarket.
    "I thought that it was a really mean thing to do, and I was sad after," Girl Scout Gracie Smith told WPBF News 25.
    Authorities said that a 17-year-old girl in a hot-pink sweatshirt approached Smith outside of a Winn-Dixie supermarket at Hypoluxo and Jog roads in Boynton Beach Wednesday evening and asked the girl what her favorite cookies were. Police told WPBF that, while Smith was telling the teen about her favorite Cinna-Spins, the teen snatched an envelope containing about $167 off of Smith's table, hopped into another teen's car and drove away.

    Smith told WPBF that she turned to her mother in tears, saying, "Mommy! That girl took all my money!"
    Authorities said they caught up with the 17-year-old girl Thursday and pulled her out of class at Park Vista High School, where she allegedly confessed to the crime, WPBF reported. Investigators said the girl's female accomplice, another a Park Vista student, also confessed.
    The Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office said that the case has been handed over to the State Attorney's Office to determine if charges will be filed against the teens.
    Smith's mother, Charlene Rubenstrunk, told WPBF that the girls returned to the store Thursday to taunt her daughter.
    "They are within 10 feet of the same kid they just robbed last night and there is nothing anybody can do about it. I find that offensive," Rubenstrunk said.
    The girls, whose names are not being released because they are minors, told WPBF that they were not remorseful for the crime, and that they did it because they "needed money."
    "We went through all that effort to get it, we got all these charges and we had to give the money back. I'm kind of pissed," one of the girls told WPBF.
    The other girl told WPBF that she was upset because police found them.
    "I'm not sorry, I'm just pissed that I got caught," the girl said.

    Money collected from the cookie sales were supposed to go toward Smith's sleep-over trip with Troop 664 to the Miami Seaquarium. Police were unable to recover the stolen money, but a father of one of the teens accused in the crime paid the money back to Smith's mother, WPBF reported.
    Authorities said the teens were not charged because they did not use force to steal the money, nor did they take the money from the Girl Scout’s hands.
    The State Attorney's Office will decide if the teens will be charged.
    The Winn-Dixie supermarket is donating $200 to the troop, WPBF reported.

    * I just noticed I spelled unremorseful wrong in the title... just shows you HOW ticked off I am!
  2. Noooooo good!!! :tdown: :cursing: :nogood: :tdown:
  3. Disgusting, these girls are showing complete absolutely no remorse, they should be named, shamed and charged. It is a total cop out not to charge them because "they did not use force to steal the money, nor did they take the money from the Girl Scout’s hands"...they still knew what they were doing and premeditatedly stole something that didn't belong to them.
  4. Awful! What is happening to teens nowadays, stealing from a girl scout selling cookies?!
  5. Let me at 'em. :cursing: They'll be showing remorse when I get finished! :boxing:
  6. What is amazing is that these girls butts are not locked up and they get to shoot their mouths off and go back and taunt that poor girl. Makes you wonder why the police are at loss to do anything?????
  7. I saw these trashy girls on the enws. . . why aren't they in jail?
  8. WHAT! I'm ashamed for being about the same age. What is WRONG with some of the kids these days?! Stealing money from a cookie selling girl scout?! How awful!

    ETA: I just saw the video. I just wanted to strangle them. 'We went through all that effort to get it, we went through all these charges, blah blah blah' :mad:
  9. "I'm not sorry, I'm just pissed that I got caught," the girl said.

    Sounds like she'll have some felonies under her belt by the time she's 21.
  10. ugh! i can't believe that people like this exist!
  11. OMG, they are practically saying they deserve to be let go because they didn't harm the little girl when they stole the money...??? :wtf: Our society is f-d up, when someone can commit a crime and not feel any remorse JUST because they didn't kill or torture someone.....*screams*
  12. I can't nelieve it either. They may not have named the teens, but someone will as soon as this hits the www. You just KNOW they have friends with equally stupid mouths.

    I hope the State Attorney has bal** and finds something to charge them with, and they pay to the fullest extent of the law.
  13. I agree, it seems like they were raised to be well rounded girls:rolleyes:
  14. 17-years old?

    why the hell does she not have a job if she wants "chump change" so badly? :nogood:
  15. What a couple of skanks. So, if I walked up to them, yanked their purses away and took off, they'd understand, right? After all, I need the money, and I went through all the effort to get it. Shouldn't be a problem for them.

    Useless piles of garbage.