Teens Drugged Parents To Use Internet Longer

  1. http://www.sacbee.com/2013/01/03/5088896/shakes-were-spiked-cops-say.html
  2. Omg that's sad. Over the Internet! Wow
  3. That's pretty extreme. Couldn't they have used the internet the next day?
  4. Sneaky girls. Their bad judgment will cost them. I doubt the parents will ever be able to completely trust their daughter again.
  5. My list of reasons I am not having children keeps getting longer and longer...
  6. Entitlement has reached critical levels with young people. This is so scary and sad.
  7. It says a lot about hopelessly misplaced priorities. Those girls must have put an awful lot of the drug in those drinks. The parents only drank 1/4 of the milkshakes and it made them ill enough that they went to the police when they woke up the next day. Who knows if it would have killed them if they had consumed the whole thing. She was willing to risk her parents' health for just an extra hour or two on the web.
  8. +1

    My younger cousins, twins that are 10 or 11 years old, both have laptops one has an iphone 4S and one has an iPod touch. It is ridiculous because they whined and whined for this electronics and acted like they had to have them to get along day to day.
  9. So very true. :sad:
  10. Kinda scary. Drug the parents for Internet, I wonder what else they would do if the parents didn't allow them something.
  11. ^^ One word....

  12. Seems a bit extreme, isn't it?

    Were they holding the WiFi password hostage, or something? They should have done what most normal kids do: wait for the parents to go to bed. (You know, because they were tired, not because of some chemical help.)

    That's insane, though.

    And I agree: kids are getting too entitled these days. On one of those Lamebook-type posts, someone posted that they got the new iPhone for Christmas. But they were mad because that was their only gift so they broke it.
  13. :wtf: I feel like there was something else going on that the girls didn't want their parents/the police to know about and they're just pretending it's about the internet. Either way, they're :wacko:
  14. My list of reasons to move to Montana and live in a cabin writing my psychotic manifesto keeps getting longer.