Teens do $100,000 worth of damage to park

  1. http://www.local6.com/news/14977544/detail.html


    Two Merritt Island teenagers were arrested on vandalism charges in connection with the destruction of $100,000 worth of fences and gates at a county park, according to police.

    Deputies answered a call to Mitchell Ellington Park on Hall Road on Merritt Island Thursday and found that someone had unlawfully entered the park overnight, located and started a large back-hoe then knocked down the fence and gates around the ball field and damaged a dugout, Local 6 News partner Florida Today reported.
    County officials estimated the damage at $100,000.
    Levi J. Haubert, 18 and Jared M. Rabenold, 17, both of Wildflower Street, were arrested after they told deputies they had been drinking beer and spent the night in the park, Lt. Andrew Walters said.

    They are charged with felony criminal mischief and trespass on a construction site. Rabenold, a juvenile, was released to his parents. Haubert was released from the county jail on a $4,000 bond.

    Deputies are still investigating how they got the beer, which was bought at a nearby convenience store.

    I really hope they hold these boys accountable to the damage. What idiots.
  2. I wonder who's bright idea it was to trash the park; Dumb or Dumber? Seriously though, what is WITH kids these days?!? :mad:
  3. Oh, I'm sure their parents will say they were good kids. Somehow they'll try to sue the city over this. :tdown:
  4. I know... teens get away with a lot these days simply because they're still seen as children who don't know better. But really, by age 13 you should clearly recognize right and wrong. Trashing a park = wrong. I hope they have their wages garnished.
  5. Idiots. I bet their answer is..we were bored and had nothing to do.
  6. ^ agreed!
  7. what is jail going to do?

    bored eh? well I say those lazy bums work that money off and help repair that park!!
  8. I hope to the Gods that they make them pay for every bit of damage they did. And make THEM do it, not their Mommy and Daddy.

    I'd also like to know how they got the beer. Whoever allowed/bought it for them, that's contributing to the deliquency of a minor. They should go down too.
  9. I completely agree!! I'm not sure if anyone else has heard about this, but in the Bay Area, a large group of teens attacked 3 adults with skateboards, bashing their SUV and then them when they pulled over into a gas station & got out of the car. The car was initially stopped at a stoplight when the attack began. Were the kids not even afraid of being run over??? :rolleyes: What goes through their mind when they're doing this? Geez.
  10. I think they should make them help clean that park up as well as X amount of hours/days/months/years doing community service.
  11. Shocking behaviour!