Teens charged in 'Mortal Kombat' death

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    Thu Dec 20, 12:03 AM ET

    JOHNSTOWN, Colo. - Two teens have been charged with killing the 7-year-old sister of one of them by beating her with imitations of moves from the "Mortal Kombat" video game, prosecutors said.
    Lamar Roberts, 17, and Heather Trujillo, 16, were charged as adults on one count each of felony child abuse causing death, state prosecutor Robert Miller said in court documents released Wednesday and filed a day earlier.

    According to a police affidavit, the teens were baby-sitting Trujillo's half-sister, Zoe Garcia, on Dec. 6 while the girl's mother was at work. Zoe lost consciousness and stopped breathing after the teens hit, kicked and body-slammed her, imitating moves used in the video game, the document said.

    Trujillo and Roberts tried reviving the girl by putting her under running water and attempting CPR before they called her mother and 911, the affidavits stated. The girl died at a hospital.

    An autopsy showed she had a broken wrist, more than 20 bruises, swelling of the brain, and bleeding in her neck muscles and under her spine, the affidavits said.

    There were no listed phone numbers in the Weld County directory for either Roberts' mother, Linda Clark, or Trujillo's, Dana Trujillo. Sheriff's spokeswoman Margie Martinez said late Wednesday that she did not know whether either teen had an attorney. The teens were being held at the Weld County jail but were not permitted to accept phone calls, Martinez said.

    Roberts said he was downstairs playing video games while the sisters wrestled upstairs, police said. But a witness quoted in the affidavit said Roberts told her he had kicked the girl.

    The witness told police that Roberts said Zoe had told them to stop wrestling. According to the affidavit, when the witness asked why they didn't stop, he responded, "I don't know; I was drunk."

    If convicted, the teens could be sentenced to 48 years in prison.
  2. Sickening.
  3. Ugh I hope they don't start blaming games again -_-; Sucks for the kid and her parents though :sad:
  4. What is wrong with kids these days?
  5. poor little girl :cry:
  6. That is so awful. :sad:

  7. exactly!
  8. I love the response "I dunno, I was drunk" what a moron. Someone needs to beat his face in.
  9. OMG!!!!!!! it's a scary world
  10. OMG - I can't believe it....
  11. I hope these little monsters are convicted.
  12. That poor little girl!

    I do hope people don't start blaming the games, though.
  13. OMG, that's crazy. i mean, the teens are not that young that they don't know the difference between games and reality. "mortal kombat" game has been around for a while now, so i don't think the game is to blame.
    i used to play video games such as "street fighters" and "mortal kombat" in my pre-teen/early teen years, but we knew that it's a game and not to be tried for real. "dying" in the game is different from real world.
    sure, kids wrestle, but not till the extend of serious injury/killing someone?
  14. The 17 year old was drunk? I'd like to know where he got the alcohol! And the 16 year sat back and did nothing. Unreal.

    Reminds me of the Lionel Tate case, where he imitated wrestling moves on his 6 year old nieghbor, ended up killing her too. But he was senetenced as a child, although now he's back in prison... as an adult, he was charged with assault with a deadly weapon.

    I can only wonder how loudly the little girl begged them to stop. I hope these little bas***ds hear her screams in their nightmares for the rest of their lives.
  15. this is insane. omg this whole news forum is filled with crazy news, its making me kind of depressed about how sick people are!!