Teens charged after cat found dead in microwave

  1. not sure whether to post this here or in the animal forum. and this didnt happen in US but animal cruelty is the same everywhere. boo on these teens :cursing:


    Teens charged after cat found dead in microwave

    Updated Fri. Jan. 4 2008 8:53 PM ET
    CTV.ca News Staff

    Four Alberta teens have been charged with animal cruelty after a cat was found dead in a microwave.

    A 13-year-old and three 15-year-olds are also facing a number of other charges after a break-in occurred over the weekend at a home in the central Alberta community of Camrose, about 90 kilometres from Edmonton.

    Police say the incident happened while the homeowners were out of town. A friend who checked on the home made the grisly discovery, finding the cat inside the microwave.

    Police say the microwave had been turned on.

    "Obviously, it's very disturbing. We're used to dealing with property crime but when you go and do something like this it's upsetting," said Camrose Police Service Insp. Lee Foreman.

    The incident has left the community in shock.

    "I get a little disturbed when I hear of things like that going on," one resident told CTV News Edmonton. "That's just senseless and stupid," he said, petting his dog.

    Other residents said they're also concerned that young people have been charged.

    Several thousand dollars of electronics were also taken during the robbery. Police say they have recovered most of the stolen property. The teens will appear in court in February. They cannot be identified because of legal restrictions.

    With a report by CTV Edmonton's Scott Roberts
  2. Sickening...the little mongrels deserve punishment as painful as that to which the cat was subjected to.
  3. OH...complete loss for words...I couldn't even read the actual story, just the title...

  4. "That's just senseless and stupid,"

    I think that pretty much sums everything up. :throwup:
  5. so flippin sad! im furious! They should have to work at a local shelter to see what it's like to get attached to so many animals and then have to see some of them unfortunately be put down. What is wrong with people!
  6. Robbing someone's home is stupid and senseless enough. But why do that to a harmless cat? These idiots were obviously sick in their little heads to do such a thing. I say throw them in a giant microwave for a few seconds, see how they like it.
  7. :crybaby: :crybaby: :crybaby:

    This makes me so *&%$# mad I can't even talk.
  8. Agreed! I wonder what the parents think, or do about these things. If that was My kid, omg the wrath of fury... I'm not sure I could look at them again.
  9. I live where this happened and believe me, the entire province is outraged. Every time it comes on the news I switch stations as I simply cannot bear to listen to it anymore.
  10. Dear God, how sickening! I hope these monsters get punished SEVERLY!
  11. I live a few hours from where this happened also. There was another animal abuse story last week too. I have no idea how people can be so mean, it is totally uncalled for. These kids need a swift kick in the rear but because they are minors nothing will happen:cursing:
  12. they broke into someone's house and killed their cat by putting it in the microwave?!? :crybaby:That is...well, I'm truly speechless...
  13. This happened in my city.
    I cannot believe the media coverage this is getting. I've heard more about this cat than any murder in the city. Good lord!
  14. ^ Many serial killers start out by torturing and killing animals...There's trouble coming if these rotten little mongrels don't get sorted out.
  15. The future Jeffery Dahmers of Canada?