Teens and handbags...Is it just me????

  1. I can't help but notice how many teenaged girls are walking around with designer bags these days. :confused1: I have two daughters 12 and 15 that also have a love of designer bags thanks to me. They each have a Dooney bag that they bought on sale, with a coupon with their own Birthday money, but, for the most part, they have bags from American Eagle, Pacsun and Canal Street :yes: . They have friends walking around with the latest LV, Chanel, etc... bags. Now, call me crazy, but, when I see a young girl with a $$$$ bag I don't think....wow! she has good taste, or, wow, she is so lucky. I think, where is her mother so I can smack her!??!?! :cursing: Where is the incentive to work hard, save up, etc? I guess this applies to alot of things in life, but, for the sake of this forum, I chose bags. Has anyone else noticed this young girl, high end bag trend??
  2. awww, are you gonna smack me :p heeheehee ...

    I DID buy my DD a Burberry purse and Wallet for Christmas when she turned 18 .... AND a Chanel on eBay about a month ago - she'll be 20 in July - PLUS, the Chanel was LIKE NEW and I got it for 1/2 OFF!!!!

    Did I justify ??? :p
  3. Oh, and did I mention she is an only child?
    (not including William!)
  4. this topic is being discussed in the Handbags section already! This thread should probably be moved :smile:
    If you want my opinion on the topic, I don't really like seeing teens with designer bags... I know a 15 year old girl with 2 balenciaga bags and don't think she either gets enough use out of them or that she appreciates it... But I guess that's just me, there probably are people in the highest income brackets that think nothing of spending 1000$ for an accessory for their teen daughter...
  5. I remember answering a similiar question to this a while back, and my answer was everything is relative - depending on what is expected in different families, in different geographical areas, etc...

    However, what is bad - is when you give a child all of these things, and then set them up for disappointment if they can't achieve that same lifestyle themselves, or buy the things that they have been used to in the past...

    i.e. - I had an ample clothing/accesories budget when I was going to school, THEN when I went off to college, I didn't have any of that and was expected to pay my apartment utilities and the majority of my "wants" on my own... I probably could have asked for things, but I'm an instant gratification type of person...(School was paid for by one side of the family, I got a small stipend from the other - so I'm not complaining here.... Honestly. :yes: )

    I was used to buying clothing and personal "want" items at such a fast rate when I was in HS, that in college when I was "on my own" I ended up getting a cc to fill the gap... I ended up being able to pay my stupid mistakes off after owning my own business out of college - but I could see where this would make for a HUGE problem for some ppl, if they didn't fall into the same fortunate $$ circumstances that I did out of college. :shrugs:

    Also, I went through a period of anxiety when I thought DH's & my first house wasn't "big enough", etc... Since it didn't compare to what I had been living in with my family, but it took my thought processes to connect that you have to start somewhere, and work your way up. That we weren't going to (and weren't expected to, which is where I was having issues) to be at the same "level" of our parents - right away... Now, we're in our 2nd house, which is dbl the size of the first, and ample for 2 ppl right now... It's all about accepting the way things are, but try explaining that to a college student with a cc!! :p
  6. LOL!!! In your defense, 18 is not a young teen. My daughter has 14 year old friends with brand new $1200.00 bags!!! Uh oh, I may get beat up here with this thread!!! :boxing:
  7. Yeah, I guess my DD IS more of an adult now ... hmmm ... still seems like she is like 5 to me :love:
  8. i don't know.. some of them are brats and need a good slapping anyway, but not all of them. i saved up for my first lv when i was 14, my cousin saved up for her first when she was 12 (a damier papillon) and she's almost 16 now and has bought two miu miu bags and a little marni evening bag since then. both of us choose almost only no logo bags so it's not like we're going around being all "look how much money my bag cost" or anything. we just really loved bags from a young age :shrugs: now i'm definitely old enough i think :roflmfao:
  9. Ahhh... :cutesy: That is what my mom says to me!! She says it seems like my sister & I should still be kids... (My sister is 35 BTW. :p )
  10. i'm a teen and i saved up for my bag.
  11. Hi..I agree...but..I'm 22 and I have been saving up for my first important (B)bag for 2 years:I'm a student and my parents give to me a monthly pocket money(less than 200 eu)with which I have to buy my "whims",dresses,my going out..I have been also the babysitter..am I wrong?I bought my first bag when I was 16(a RL's Polo sport,60 eu..I thought I was a huge sum..)and the second one three years ago(another RL's Polo,90 euro..for the college..)..
  12. I'm still a college undergrad but have about $10,000 worth of bags and another $10,000 of accessories. My mother agrees that teenagers should not be carrying around nice bags so she hasn't paid for any of my bags. I had to save up money I earned from jobs to purchase everything.

    However, all the women in my family have amazing Chanel, Bal, LV, Gucci, Prada etc and I knew all these brand names since I was very young so that's where my bag envy comes from. If you are always shopping for high-end bags and talking about them with other women, I think it's inevitable that your kids will become bag obsessed.

    I bought my first Prada hobo and Fendi baguettes in high school with pocket money I had saved up.
  13. I'm a teen (an older one though) and I love designer handbags. I pay for mine myself with my money. However, I did receive my first Louis Vuitton for Christmas. But other than that I bought all my handbags myself. I live in a very affluent area, so I know that a lot of kids just charge their purchase to their parents credit cards. I just feel bad when I waste their money on my habit, so I never use their credit cards when I buy my stuff. I use a debit card that comes out of my checking account. But to be fair, I probably wouldn't be able to do it if I had to be buying my own food, paying tuitition, paying for gas, car insurance, paying my own CC bills, etc. So I guess I do kind of agree with you. However, I do work to get the money to be buying luxury items.
  14. LOL. I've noticed this, too. I mostly notice the teenagers here carrying Coach bags. Coach bags are expensive! I mean not in comparison to bbags, but still relatively expensive, especially for a teenager. When I was that age, I used to buy Liz Claiborne bags (those were in vogue then and about $50). But I have noticed over the years that your bag, like your shoes, has become a status symbol. Our culture has evolved to the point that people are willing to pay more for a handbag. If I were that age, I would probably save up to buy a high-end bag. My mother would've never bought me one. If I ever told her how much I spend today on just one bag, she would probably fall over dead. Your post didn't make me mad. I've noticed this, too, and really thought about it. :smile:
  15. Whew! Thank you for saving me!!! :sweatdrop: