Teens Accused Of Torturing Dog To Death

  1. The hearing is set for tomorrow.

    I am so angry, and I feel like weeping for Tobey and Stephanie. If these kids can experience what they did to Tobey, then perhaps they will realize how their actions were pure evil. If you look online, you can find more graphic descriptions of what they did.

    Hopefully they will be able to help them so they don't grow up to be murderers and rapists as well. Then at least Tobey would not have died in vain.

    Here is a petition that you can sign to support their conviction:

    SAN ANTONIO -- Guadalupe County authorities arrested a group of teens who they said tortured a dog to death in an abandonded home on Tuesday.

    Police said the three boys ages 12, 14, and 16 walked into Stephanie Tavere's yard and stole her beloved dog Tobey.

    Officers said the teens took the dog to an abandoned house and repeatedly threw the dog out of a second story window.
    After its legs were broken, the boys hung the dog in a tree and proceeded to beat it like a pinata, authorities said.

    Police said the teens ended up decapitating the dog.

    A neighbor across the street saw the suspicious activity and called police.

    The teens are being held on charges of animal cruelty resulting in death.

    If convicted, they could be put in jail until they turn 19.

    Nan Udell, an assistant co-attorney, said local law enforcement are very disturbed by the animal cruelty case.

    She declined to show photos to KSAT 12 News that she said are too gruesome to fathom.

    Udell said what is also disturbing is that the boys have shown no remorse for what they did.

    "We're very concerned about that," Udell said. "They have been asked to have psychological testing so we can see if this is a pattern or a fluke. We don't know right now."
  2. I couldn't finish reading. I almost threw up when I got to the broken legs... :lecture: I hope they rot in hell.
  3. I don't know why I read threads like this. Just makes me hate humans more.
  4. How...


    I just want to leave work now and love and hug my puppy...this made me cry and those kids should go to jail for longer than that....
  5. I agree, I hope they die a thousand deaths in the special circle of hell reserved for people who are cruel to animals.

  6. Sad but true....

    I just saw the pic of the pup on CNN and I'm :crybaby: Poor innocent creature.
  7. If these kids get out of whatever institution they desperately need to be locked up in for a good long time, they WILL turn their sadistic aggression on another human being.
  8. OMG how awful...I hope those kids get thrown in juvie. Pieces of crap.
  9. Oh, and don't even ask what I think should be done to their PARENTS... sick sick f*cks.
  10. I don't even know what to say... :censor: :cry:
  11. So sick...
  12. i could barely get past "repeatedly threw the dog out of a second story window."

    WTF were these kids thinking?! sorry... they werent thinking AT ALL. i hope they get prosecuted to the fullest.
  13. I say we all get basebal bats and treat THEM like pinatas!
  14. Unbelievable :cursing:

    Those are some sick, twisted minds...
  15. That's SICK. What is wrong with them? How can people do that? I don't get it.