Teenagers and younger girls with designer handbags

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  1. So to you older women out there, how do you feel about younger girls (16-21) wearing designer bags?

    I know some people think that they're 'brats' and a lot of the times their parents buy it for them so they have no value for money.
    Some girls actually value the craftsmanship and quality of the bags.

    I'm just curious as to how people feel about this. I know in Asian countries, teenagers are carrying LV, Chanel etc. quite often if their parents are wealthy. It's a status thing.
  2. I am 21 and just got into designer bags. I have only been really interested in anything beyond coach/betsey/juicy for the past year and have a pretty nice collection going, because I was in a situation that allowed me to get them. My parents haven't bought directly or funded any of my bag purchases. They do pay my college tuition and expenses and bought me a car, but purses are just silly in their eyes.

    To me its no different than a macbook or an iphone, some people are comfortably purchasing them for their kids, but nobody looks twice when in a 200 person lecture there are 150 macbooks.

    Teenagers have a lot of disposable income, I am just about to graduate and probably wont be buying any more bags while I get settled and used to paying my own bills and finding a job etc.

    Its kindof impossible to tell from a distance wether a girl wanted the bag because she thinks it makes her hot ****, or because she values the brand.
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  3. Makes me glad I have boys. But really I think it has more to do with appreciation than age. I get irked by someone who is dragging a designer bag around like its worthless and not necessarily someone who is younger. I have to say my nieces are young and they carry designer bags but they also work very hard for them.
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    It doesn't seem strange to me but that's what I've always been exposed to. I went to HS and Uni with kids that carried LV Neverfulls or Goyard and wore Cartier bracelets with Hermes belts. I hope I don't come across as rude . . . this is just my reality. I'm certainly not the one running around dripping in Cartier and VCA; I'd rather invest my money in real estate :P

    Regardless, my attitude is and has always been, if you like it I love it :biggrin:

    ETA: I hope you don't mind if I skew your thread OP, I'm just outside of your above bracket.
  5. No worries. Maybe I should have broadened it a bit so everyone can have a say. It's interesting to see what people think!

    You don't come across as rude, I've been there.

    Personally it's a bit sickening for me to see girls carrying branded bags to look 'good' and show off their family's wealth. I guess it also bothers me how some of them have no idea how to make money and spend so much of their parent's money for those things. Some people don't appreciate the value of money, which is sad. But hey, if you can make $2k to buy an expensive handbag, go for your life.
  6. I understand what you mean, but I guess parents think that macbooks are more useful and educational than a designer bag.
  7. No, a laptop is useful, a macbook is for show

    a purse is useful, a designer handbag is for show.

    same principles are at play here.
  8. Personally I think it's great if they've bought it for themselves. My teen daughter is desperate for a Speedy B and she's saving up for it. Its taught her to not spend her money on smaller things that are going to end up being clutter in her room and to save up for something that she is going to enjoy for many many years. The only thing she's worried about is that people might think it's fake because she is still young.

    Other girls her age are spending money on cigarettes, alcohol and dope (young teens!) so I'm happy for her to squirrel her money away for designer things. Of course saving for her future would be better but how many young teens are going to do that?
  9. Haha, sorry I have to disagree here. If you're into anything media related like video editing, your first option will be a mac, not windows. If you're a hard gamer, you would get alienware.

    Then again, if you only need a laptop for browsing and word processing, I have to agree with you. Any laptop will do. Macbook would be for show.
  10. I don't mind teenagers carrying designer handbags. I'm in no position to judge others, because I am within that range as well.

    However, I respect those who are in their teens and purchase these designer handbags themselves. I'm 18, work hard in life, go to University and also work butt off; so I justify buying these expensive things as constant reward for myself. I also value craftsmanship and classic pieces as well.

    I have nothing against people asking their parents to buy them things, I just think that its more appropriate when you have actually worked and bought it yourself. It also makes the item that much more special because you value hard-work in exchange for luxuries in life. Its not suppose to be something that should be as easily obtained as asking someone.
  11. If they or their parents can afford it then I don't really care.
    It's no different than having a car as a teenager (or any other really expensive item).

    I also don't care if the teenager asked their parents to buy it for them. There are many people, particular women, in this world who don't work and their HUSBAND'S buy them things. Same difference to me. Shrug.
  12. This is exactly what I did when I was younger! :biggrin: Though I ended up not spending too much of those hard earned and diligently saved money on designer bags in the end coz I aimed further and higher end each time I hit certain marker from Prada to Chanel to Hermes and finally changed the goal to a house!

    I still enjoy saving these days. As a woman, savings make me feel very secured. I am not stingy to myself or others but I value $$ more through saving for a goal.

    I think I will teach my daughter the same thing next time. :smile:
  13. The way I feel: I think the advertisers, marketers, and brand-pushers have done their job well, as well as anybody in the public-relations field for any of the companies involved, whether directly or indirectly. Somebody found that magic button, and it snowballed. OH - wait! The advent of the internet and instant communication! <slapping self on forehead> Who woulda thought?
  14. I totally agree with Indiaink!
    It's the same with designer jeans and sunglasses.
    The high end brands have found a wondrful way to increase their profits by putting accessories on the market.
    And teenagers have more or less fallen into the trap...
    It's funny but I don't think it's something that's going to last....
    Maybe the global crisis which we are facing now will lead to a change in our consuming habits....
  15. I disagree for 2 reasons: some people just (usability-wise) really prefer Apple because it fits their needs a little better, and...we're talking about such different products here.

    Honestly, you can get yourself a leather purse for €70 at ZARA, and for €2000 at Lanvin. You can get a laptop for €700 at HP, and for €1500 at Apple. See where I'm getting at? The proportions are so very different.