Teenage Time... SIX?!

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  1. Hi everyone!! :biggrin: We're already on SIX!!

    Pearl's First Post:

  2. whats everyone been up to lately?
  3. School, and more school :smile: What about you, MCB?

    Wore to school today:
    Vintage Rolex oyster perpetual datejust in Yellow gold (I woke up feeling like a rapper. kwim?)
    Black E&J blazer
    Black V neck
    J brand pencil jeans in black
    CL Hyper prive in black
    Foley+corinna tote in black
  4. Damn MAC how did you manage cl hps at school! I swear all my classes are at opposite ends of the school :P
    Mcb, school's basically been taking over my life lol. Tmrs friday though and next week a lot of my classes start very late so I'm pleased :smile:

    Do you guys know where I can get a really long skinny belt that you can tie a few times around the waist? I've been searching forever :/
  5. Burberry made one a few seasons ago that I used to have, until I lost it. LOL. They aren't that bad when in all my classes, except for bio/chem, I sit down. Most of my classes are across campus, too, but I can make it :smile:

    i'm not gonna lie, I did put some lanvin flats in my locker though.

    Have you though of going to a plus size store to get a belt in XXL and just getting it tailored for more holes?
  6. Oh wow that sounds foolproof why didn't I think of that :o thanks MAC, I'll try this weekend :smile:

    I want Lanvin flats sososo much but 600+ isn't in my price range (n)
  7. Get your arse to LA. haha. The barney warehouse sale had them there..

    I love my Lanvin flats, they are so comfy, its almost like you don't have anything on. Chanel flats might be a little more comfier if you are walking on hot pavement and don't want a third degree burn on your foot, but hey..
  8. Holt Renfrew Last Call had some yellow and orange neon sparkly ones on sale for like 200 but I still can't bring myself to buy them :sad:
    I am going to start saving up though. Except I've been really intrigued by a lot of chinese medicine nonsense lol. I'm wondering if I should buy Lanvin flats or bird's nest soup.. They're both like 700 in Toronto -_-
  9. Bird nest soup is so good! haha. I used to eat it all the time when I was sick when I was like..around 4. Yeah, I'm really asian. I actually didn't know it was "expensive'. I guess thats because I'm not paying, but wow, bird nest the same as a pair of shoes? crazy.

    I would get some black or neutral color first, or yellow. or nude.

    So getting that bikini.
  10. It isn't even scientifically proven so what if I wasted a pair of Lanvins on ineffective bird spit?!! I will never forgive myself lol.

    I really want black or nude! Ahh thinking about them makes me smile LOL. :$

    NYFW is almosy over! Just Tommy Hilfiger to go. This years nyfw wasn't as impressive as I thought but I def wanted some things, a lot of which is the fur :P
    Which fw is next? I can't wait :biggrin:
  11. I hate NYFW more then anything! like..why is NYC still considered a fashion "capital" or w/e..

    LOL. Get your parents to get the bird nest soup, and get the flats on your own? I'm such a genius. Are you actually planning on buying a few pounds of it? haha. Theres a resutrant around here who serves it with other good stuff.
  12. I hear horror stories about asian restaurants, hygiene-wise lol. I stay away from them at all costs.

    Lol mac you see, my problem is that I only ask my parents for these type of unnecessary luxuries when I'm doing well in school. And well... Let's just say I can't ask them LMAO.

    Why do you hate nyfw? :sad:
  13. LOL. that is true! I think there are some exceptions though!

    Awh, well, I'll keep my eyes out for them for you! http://www.barneys.com/Ballet%20Flat/500351659,default,pd.html such pretty color. I need these now! I don't have that color! gaah.

    I think all the collections during NYFW are all boring, and everything is just expected. Its not like the clothes are cute, its all about the parties. no one cares about the lines..
  14. I love my lanvins, but I love my Chanels way way more. My lanvins gave me blisters the first couple times I wore them...idk how?
  15. MAC!?! You went to the warehouse sale... Wouldn't you be scared of being hit with a heel in your head?! HAHAHA I went to the one in NYC though. no lavin flats there in my size-- And I was looking! But they did have ones with heels... I really wanted the flats.