Teenage Style

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  1. What do you like and not like about teenage fashion styles?

    No mean to be offensive but,
    My personal dislikes are how much everyone looks the same... The look meaning, Abercrombie and Fitch logo shirt with short sleeves, Tiffany's heart bracelet, American Eagle short short skirt, Juicy bag, huge sunglasses.... it's so generic. I wish people would be more colorful and original.

    I love how when you go to different parts of cities in the US, there are always people with unique styles and tastes.
  2. As a teenager, the girl I thought looked the prettiest in the school wore old jeans, bargain bin babydoll t-shirts and fitted granny sweaters she'd bought on vacation. This was the look I idolized. I imagined she thought just hard enough about her outfit to look well-groomed and pretty, but no more than that. It beat the girls who caked their pimply faces with an inch of make-up, or who strived to look original but came out looking... just weird. Even the girls who spent a lot of money on the latest fashion items didn't look as good to me -- my girl didn't need to turn herself into a peacock of status symbols to make her attractiveness known. Her clothes were nice, but they didn't outshadow her.

    I was so happy when I discovered AE as a teenager. Clothing that fits my lifestyle! Shirts and pants designed to be haphazardly tossed over my chair and peeled off two weeks later looking none the shabbier. :graucho:

    Seriously, though, I was one of those colorful and original people who stood out from the crowd, and if I could do my teenaged years over, I think I'd try to blend in. Adolescence is rocky enough without drawing too much attention to yourself.
  3. I can't stand the leggings with a mini and Uggs. Looks rediculous to me.

    Also the so low rise jeans that are way too tight to where your a plumber with a muffin top who has two hams fighting over the last pancake while gasping for air.
  4. i'm always saddened by girls [usually young, but not always] who wear crop shirts and tight jeans who have a pot belly hanging over. there are so many ways to be flattering with your body that i don't know why they would think it looks good.
  5. ^ Agreed.

    When I was in high school, I wanted to dress like everyone else....in American Eagle, Abercrombie & Fitch, etc. etc. But as I got a little bit older, I became more comfortable with my own style :smile:
  6. Or people that are . . . out of shape stuffed into Juicy (or J. Lo sweatsuits).

    That was my biggest fear: becoming one of THOSE people, so I went out and bought a pair of jeans.

  7. :roflmfao::roflmfao:ahahahah u r sooo right! im in college and i see it all the time...girls who let their gut hang out thinking they look fashionably correct...HAVE THEY NO SHAME?????
  8. My college is like a sick sad world of bad fashion trends. Literally if a girl sees another girl wearing something she'll start and it instantly becomes a big trend. Leggings tucked into uggs:throwup: There's one girl that's the biggest fan of leggings/spandex in uggs and she just looks heinous.

    Then there's the girls--usually freshmen--with the crop tops and tight jeans. Then there's the side ponytails, sweaters over the shoulders, and the girls who look like they got puked on by a pink monster.
  9. As a teenager in my second year of college reading this thread, I am guilty of so many of these things!! (NOT the crop top/pot belly combination, though...) It has really made me rethink my wardrobe and myself. Why was it necessary for me to run out and buy a Juicy suit for school? And leggings just aren't me...but I bought a pair of them last week just to keep up. Am I lame or what?
  10. Ugh, as a teenager also, I see some pretty bad things that are embarassing to the teenagers that dress nicely.

    Here's my list of ugly things:
    - logo overload-- A+F tee shirt with a huge moose on it, the Tiffany necklace that says "Return to Tiffanys" etc etc.
    -Vans shoes! Almost everyone in my school has a pair, but I refuse to wear them! They're just so flat and well flat.
    - Jeans that are way too tight so you can see fat spilling over!Actually, I hate anything worn too tight-I think you should be able to breathe but still look nice- Ugh, so not flattering! Probably bad for your health too.
    -Uggs-- I understand they're very comfy and just like slippers but slippers are for night when you're in the privacy of your own home!!
    -HUGE earrings-- studs especially-- and then the person goes "Oh yeah, of course they're real diamonds" Pshhh yeah right!!
    -Plaid! Everyone is wearing plaid pants and it just looks like some flashback from another era! I'm not exactly a fan of stripes...
    -WAYYY to much makeup- Like using a whole eyeliner pencil in the course of one day--not very attractive

    Allright, thats all I can remember for now
  11. As another teenager, there are things I see too often out there!
    -oversized sunglasses
    -anything a&f, hollister, anyting form pacsun (pacsun owns roxy, billabong, basically all the surfer brands)
    -converse shoes-especially high tops
    -tight jeans with muffin tops! gross!
    -tons of long bead necklaces
  12. I just graduated high school this year. Looking back, during my freshmen and sophomore year I wanted to be like the seniors because I looked up to many of them. I thought they looked cute, not much different from people idolizing celebrities, right? But when you move up on the high school chain you kinda start seeing things differently. That's why I started growing more into my own style. I look at some of my mini skirts...damnnnn so tiny, how could I wear those out before?! I was never THAT bad though, never wore the crop tops with my tummy sticking out!
  13. i am beyond blessed, fashion-wise, to go to the college that i go to. most of the girls here incorporate trends tastefully and demurely and classics are BIG (a nice pair of jeans, a polo, and some pearl studs are probably the most common things you see girls wearing to class or around town here). when i go back to visit my parents and see high school-aged girls in the supermarkets or malls, it's just TOOOOO MUCH! everything is tight, pink, and logo-ed, and it's all from the same stores. they're the epitome of fashion victims.

    but i can understand why they do it - it's practically required to fit in in the affluent area that i come from, and it's a lot easier to just look the part than to fight. i do remember thinking that the chicest girls in high school were the ones that looked stylish but themselves, though.
  14. I can't stand the cropped top and pot belly combo either - TMI!

    In general, teens are always going to dress alike. Peer pressure is huge especially for girls...clothes/hair/makeup. I vividly remember as a teen walking around the mall with my friends in wolf packs in our blue eyeshadow, farrah fawcett curling iron hair, tight jeans with flare legs, Cherokee high wedge shoes (anyone remember these) and matching LeSportSac purses!
  15. alot of american teens i see really lack originality. it really is the whole abercrombie and fitch kinda look, more or less preppy. in paris, the girls in uni were really unique and really well dressed. they really played with new interesting ways to wear trends and i found were always a step ahead (although if i ever see another gerard darel or longchamp bag i'll scream).