Teenage Scarlett Johansson & Jessica Biel in a teen mag from 1998

  1. [​IMG]

    i found this over at 'the superficial'. scarlett looks the same, but jessica looks so different!
  2. cute!
  3. AWH BLESS! Lol
    Scarlett looks so much the like she does now :shocked:
  4. i think jessica as a teenage looks a lot more like jessica now then scarlett does as a teenager versus now...

    that was a mouth full

    but am i the only one?!
  5. Both have smaller noses now... and Jessica has bigger lips now...
  6. :yes: :yes: Jessica has very cute nose now..I knew it!!! she got it done..just too perfect..
  7. You are spot on! Scarlett has had at least one nose job and Jessica has had her nose done as well.
  8. Well they look fresh and young :yes:
  9. We wore that back in 1998???? Wow! lol
  10. They both look cute.
  11. they both look...young and cute.hehe
  12. they both look really different... but cute!
  13. How sweet they look!
  14. I've noticed she's had two. The first was when she was just making the transition from child (Ghost World) to young adult. I was re-watching Lost in Translation (love that movie!!) the other day and realized she doesn't look now... as she did then. Her nose is even more slim these days, and she has different teeth too.
  15. They look so young, how cute.