Teen set on fire- Burnaby British Columbia

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  1. http://http://www.canada.com/vancouversun/news/story.html?id=6fdb0db5-67d4-425b-9075-6169e12075cc&k=6084

    I find it strange that you hear a lot of people talking about how much safer Canada is vs. the US. It's just because the US obviously has a lot more people, hence more crime. Canada is anything but safe. I also wish the laws were stricter here. This crime sickens me!

    Gang of four sets teen on fire
    Gerry Bellett and Kelly Sinoski, Vancouver Sun
    Published: Wednesday, January 30, 2008
    METRO VANCOUVER - An 18-year-old was doused with gasoline and set on fire near Burnaby's Cariboo Road secondary school Monday night, in an incident that shocked area residents.

    RCMP said the victim, a New Westminster resident, was walking along the north side of 16th Avenue sometime after 9:45 p.m. when he was confronted by four males who tried to entice him into a fight.

    He was then sprayed with gasoline and set alight, police said. His attackers fled down a nearby trail leading to a 10-hectare wood.

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    Font:****The teen threw himself to the ground and managed to extinguish the flames by rolling in the snow. He suffered serious burns to his upper body and arms.

    Police said a motorist stopped on 16th Avenue and helped the victim before driving him to New Westminster's Royal Columbian Hospital. Hospital staff called police at 12:40 a.m. Tuesday.

    The teen was later transferred to Vancouver General Hospital's burn unit, where he underwent surgery Tuesday.

    Cpl. Alexandra Mulvihill didn't know the extent of the burns, but said they aren't life-threatening.

    Police aren't saying if the attack was random, targeted or if the victim knew the four males. He'd been visiting friends in the area when he was attacked.

    Mulvihill said such an attack is unusual.

    "It's very rare; that's why we're saying we don't believe there's an undue need for the public to be worried about being at risk," she said.

    "I can only think of once in the last 10 years in B.C. that this has happened. It's not a common occurrence at all."

    Police would like the motorist who helped the teen to contact them.

    "It's frightening something like this could happen, but things have been getting worse around here for the last year," said Terri Roberts, who lives in Englewood Mews close to where the attack occurred.

    Roberts heard a commotion just before 10 p.m., but said it didn't sound like a fight.

    "I would have gone outside because I've broken fights up before, but it just sounded like the noise kids make. We have a lot of trouble with kids around here -- drinking and doing drugs -- so the noise didn't sound out of the ordinary," said Roberts.

    Roberts, who's lived in the area for a decade, said this is the latest in a spate of serious crimes.

    Surrey school principal Shemina Hirji was murdered in a nearby housing complex last July, she said.

    An abandoned car belonging to 18-year-old Burnaby resident Brian Braumberger, who went missing May 31, was found on the other side of the wood the next day.

    A grocery store and bank have been robbed and Cariboo Hill secondary was broken into over the Christmas holidays.

    "It's a crime wave," said Roberts.

    But Mulvihill downplayed claims the neighbourhood is experiencing a rise in crime.

    "I've been in Burnaby two years and it has not been brought to my attention that that area is worse than any other area," she said.

    Roberts' 14-year-old daughter, Ashley, and her boyfriend, Manpreet Sahota, 16, said drug dealing and drinking regularly occur in the woods.

    "I wouldn't go in there at night," said Sahota.

    Both said the report of someone being set on fire was "scary."
    Published: Wednesday, January 30, 2008
    "Something like that really worries me," said Ashley.

    Anton Smirnov, who also attends Cariboo Hill, said he didn't know of any gangs in the area but said there's a lot of drug dealing.

    "I'm concerned by this. You have to ask, 'What if it had happened to me?'"

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    Font:****Cariboo Hill principal Victoria Lee was shocked by the attack.

    "It's a lovely neighbourhood, it's hard to believe," she said.

    Two RCMP officers visited the school Tuesday as the investigation got underway.

    Lee said she couldn't imagine any of her students being involved.

    The assailants are described as being between the ages of 15 and 20. Two are Caucasian, one is Indo-Canadian and the other is Asian.

    The Asian male was wearing a puffy black North Face jacket and white track pants. Two were wearing black hoodies, while the fourth was wearing a black-and-white trimmed hoodie.

    Anyone with information is asked to call RCMP at 604-294-7922 or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477. A $2,000 reward is being offered for information leading to charges.


  2. OMG that is unbelievable, what is happening to youth of today? It's like life and property have no meaning to them (especially if it's not theirs) makes me so mad reading stories like this. The law has to really start issuing punishments that fit the crime.
  3. Sickening. These kids are incredibly disturbed.
  4. You are so very right! What's even more disturbing are the Canadian laws. I can't say enough times that I have and will always feel safer back in the US!
  5. My Gods, this is awful.
  6. holy s**t!!!!
  7. This is pretty close to me, relatively speaking. All I can say is WOW
  8. It's basically in my backyard.
  9. I have many friends in that area... this is terrible!