Teen new to LV - help me pick a pochette!

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  1. Hey everyone,

    Over the last few months browsing this forum and LV's webbie I've fallen in lvoe with the line. I'm 14, and I've been saving up. I should have enough money by Friday(good grades + report cards = moolah) to get my first LV, a regular pochette accessoires to be carried on my shoulder. I've had my heart set on monogram but then I saw the azur...
    I want to be able to bring the bag to school. I go to a suburban public high school in New England and there are mostly middle to upper middle class families. Fake bags are everywhere and if I see another horrible, peeling Chanel with the giant C's I'm positive I'm going to throw up. Lots of Coach. There is little to no LV. While I have absolutely no problem getting a nice little handbag from Target, I wouldn't be caught dead with a fake bag. It's just not right IMHO.

    Ahem, anyway: I like how the monogram is a classic, and I'm not the showy type so this would probably be my only mono piece for a while. I wouldn't get a 'real bag' in mono, at least until I'm out of high school. It's just too loud for me. I also love how it's low maintenance and in 10 years it will still look nice (I'll take care of her, believe me!). But I'm afraid of the death stares and accusations of carrying a fake. On top of that, there's the chance it'll be stolen. You can't be too safe in a place filled with 900 teenagers. None of these problems would be very important while out of school, though (I don't care about glares and such from people I don't know).

    The azur is nice because it's fresh and different. It's less recognizable, so all of the problems above will be minimized. But I want a bag that will last for over 5 years. A dark orange or brown patina with azur isn't attractive to me, and I can't afford to replace the straps. But will it even be that much of a deal because the straps are so thin and small? The patina keeps me away from most azur bags. I've also heard of color transfer, which put together are two very scary words...

    Is one of them better than the other for every season? Will I look funny wearing a mono in the heat of summer or azur in the subzero of winter? I want to get a lot of bang for my buck. This is long...my apologies hehe. But thanks in advance! I'm super excited, :nuts:!
  2. How about the Pochette Acc. in Damier Ebene?
  3. I love damier ebene but I want my next LV to be that color. I want to have a variety :yes:
  4. I have a mono and I love it
  5. Go for the Monogram!
    It's so chic and classy and ultimately, the only person that should care is YOU since YOU are the one carrying her.

    Trust me, you will appriciate it a lot once you have it in your hands.
    And it will definitely be a great purchase that will last a long time. :smile:
  6. I think both can be worn anytime. Personnally I love th azur and I would recommand that one for a young person. I love the honey colored vachetta against the azur.

    If you not into that you should pick monogram because when used regulary it will darken fast!
  7. I think the azur looks really good and matches up better than the mono for a younger person But if the darkening of the vachetta bothers you that much then Id go for the mono...but I think the azur would look more hot than the mono if you are young
  8. I love both, and I think both are great for school, I like the monogram one because I like the design, it's a forever bag! I like the mono in summer also, you can go for a walk or just go out at night with it and you will look gorgeous with it.

    And about the school people, don't worry, I'm in the university and it is the same. You just be happy because you are going to get a real one meanwhile they have fake, you are going to have "art" LOL
  9. Mono its simple and classic, don't worry too much about others peoples neg comments, get what will make you happy... but if your worried about it getting stolen i'd suggest you don't take it to school' even if its Mono or Azur, the thief isn't going to care as long as its LV
  10. I prefer the azur because it's fresh and different, but it's still really pretty and on its way to becoming classic.
  11. If you want to be different..get the Azur, as long as you take care of it, you will be fine. Its so fresh looking! My 2nd choice for you would be the damier ebene, also so nice and worry free. You will look great rockin either these bags in school!
  12. The Monogram is the perfect choice.
    BTW, you sound like me. I am 13 and I also save up for my LVs ($ from good grades, of course). The Monogram is classic, elegant, cute and functional. You can really fit a lot into it, which is why I love it!
    : ) Good luck choosing.
  13. I say go for the Monogram Acces. Pouchette
  14. I would choose the Monogram. Let us know what you decide!
  15. I'd pick the Monogram. It was my first pochette and I loved it.