Teen Mom's [16 & Pregnant]

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  1. I think Maci's business is the only one that makes money. That article is misleading. They forgot to file the annual registration paperwork, meh..big deal. They'll file, pay the fee and move along (as it says they've done once before)
  2. To nobody's surprise, Amber didn't do any paperwork. Her company was called Forever Haute . :lol::lol::lol:

    They didn't mention Kail's Pothead Haircare. Why do I suspect it didn't fly off the internet's shelves?
  3. OH, that is funny. I predicted Sean wouldn't pay the rent, and of course Jade's name was on the lease too, so she's responsible.
    I thought it was Detroit. So it's Indiana. The houses are so small; its unusual.
  4. Doesn't Amber also live in Indiana?
  5. Jade is irresponsible with money - has a baby, with seemingly no full time job in sight and goes to buy a Mercedes
  6. Yes, but Amber is making the big bucks, so she has quite a nice house, for now anyway.
  7. True, but her beginning was pretty much how Jade was on 16 & pregnant. Although Jade seems to want to go to school, etc. Not just ending up in gel. (so far)
  8. Well the final nail in chy's coffin. We all know that she's never going to get back with Corey but she was holding out. His current GF is pregnant. Well she always wanted Ryder to hav siblings near her age and now she'll get them lol.
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  9. Do all of the Teen Moms rent the exact same house in Florida?
  10. Brianna always rents the house in this last episode. She has for her baby shower and the kids bdays.
  11. I think I missed an episode, not that it matters.
    I saw the one with entitled Kail taking Isaac from Jo's on her way to Hawaii without telling Jo. I would haul her considerable butt to jail for that.
    Oh, and Chelsea designing diaper bags, PULEEZE.
  12. ^I saw that. How catty of Kail to take Isaac anyways. I'm pretty sure, if she was unsure of her child going out of state and Jo just took him anyways, than she would be freaking out and flipping sh*t. But yet, it's okay for her to do that to Jo.

    I think that Chelsea doing business ventures is a way for her family to make some extra money in case the show gets cancelled, but it's also probably to give her some sort of a story line. We can now see her attending launches for diaper bags and products, and it must appear to the producers like, oh, at least we can see her doing something. And I don't think that's a problem, it means that things are probably going well for her, but I can see MTV producers wanting her to have something that the audience can watch besides her just doing day to day mom activities. (It's probably one of the same reasons why Kail and Leah get to take like 3 or 4 different vacations. They probably figure it gives people something to watch.)

    Unfortunately, being in my 9th month of pregnancy, I looked at the diaper bags and couldn't find any I liked at all. If I'm gonna pay over 200 dollars for a diaper bag, I expect them to look somewhat classy and higher quality. The Chelsea & Cole Itzy Ritzy diaper bags just didn't float my boat, sorry. They all looked kind of like not made out of genuine materials, with camouflage and plaid everywhere and big, huge, tassels. Just not my style I guess. But it's working for her, because they are apparently selling like crazy so hats off to her for that.
  13. I just went into the website and you are correct, they are all sold out. I think I underestimate the social media popularity of these women.
    I have no objection to her making extra dough, I just wish it were something real and an outgrowth of some passion she has rather than just an idea for a storyline.
  14. I think that they are looking for easy jobs that don’t really require actual work for them and as a bonus it’s a great side income for them. The companies love it because they get tons of promotion being on the show and the show likes it because they have a storyline for a family that has little drama to give them. I could see Chelsea using this to spring board herself into a influencer type career if TM ever decides to end.