Teen Mom's [16 & Pregnant]

  1. I hate Farrah's attitude but I wouldn't be able to put up with her mother either. Michael seems really nice and normal so I wish Farrah wouldn't treat him like sh*t. But if both Farrah and her sister Ashley have a problem with their mother, then maybe she's just extremely difficult to put up with.
  2. When Farrah said, "nothing to complain about" while she was out to dinner with her Mom before her Mom left to go back home I almost fell off the couch!! Farrah? NOTHING to complain about?!?! :woot: She always has something to complain or b*tch about.
  3. I'm not understanding Ryan's issues with Bentley going to Pre-K, I mean really, dude?
  4. same here, that's bizarre. and even his parents seemed irritated. and then irritated that maci was taking him there and then doing nothing. as if preschool was a way to shove bentley off on someone else besides giving him to his dad.
  5. By the way Ryan behaves and speaks it appears his parents don't seem to be that into education.
  6. MTV nees to do a better job, the scenes are out of sequence. I could have sworn earlier in the season maci and Kyle had already gone with Bentley to the schools.
  7. that was daycare i think?
  8. I think Ryan was irritated because he would have to take Bentley to school on his visitation days. He doesn't like having to do a lot of extra anything...
  9. LOL. But, it looked like the same place, right? Or am I crazy?
  10. now that i am not sure about because i've missed 1.5 of the last 2 episodes lol

    it could be a combo daycare/preschool. i need to catch up!!!
  11. yes, alot of daycares offer preschool too. i know mine does. i don't understand why it is such a big deal to send him to pre-k. i mean he is close to 3, right? he was only going, what? 2 days a week? what is the big deal? i'm sure he loves pla ying with kids his own age besides his mom, kyyyyyyy and his grandparents all day. it sounds like riiiine and his parents aren't focused on education. at all. look at ryan.
  12. up until recently i seriously had no idea that preschool was optional. i went to preschool, all of my friends went to preschool. every small child in my extended family has gone to preschool. kids need interaction!!!

    not sure if this has been posted but maci and kyle are hanging out again... posting stuff about being with their 'best friend' but still claiming they aren't 'together'. so they'll probably be together again in the future.
  13. I know this will never happen, but I really would like to see Maci and Ryan work out their issues and get back together. I feel like they both kind of still have feelings for each other sometimes. Idk, like I said, probably will never happen, but it would be cute if it did :smile:
  14. Yeah, except Ryan is an idiot.
  15. how many of those ridiculous piercings does amber have??? at least 6??