Teen Mom's [16 & Pregnant]

  1. No girl! I come from a small town and its NOT! :lol:
  2. well i do too and i know it never happened in my town lol
    but i guess what i'm saying is i can see how it happened. their mom and dad probably frequented the same bars and drug dealers. they were bound to come together.
  3. Now that I can see!
  4. I'm kinda late but i just saw last weeks episode and UGH at Farrah! When she was on the date with that guy, the poor dude was just saying that she should relax and have some fun more often and she was there rolling her eyes and being snarky as usual. Girl has severe issues. She seems to get angry at the weirdest things. Why get mad when a guy tells you he's gonna take you out and show you a good time so you can ENJOY YOURSELF for once? She's such a b*tch. She's gonna be one lonely old woman. It's only a matter of time before she alienates her own daughter too.

    It's funny when you compare Farrah to someone like Catelynn who's had a really rough childhood and awful parental figures yet she's still SO kind to her mother who treats her like sh*t. Farrah had a nice, cushy upbringing with everything handed to her by her parents and she treats them terribly. Catelynns mother doesn't even deserve Catelynns kindness but it shows you how different her and farrah are.
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    At home sick today, and watching a mini marathon (haven't watched this show in years).

    I can't believe Catelynn and Tyler are still on this show, even though they are not parents. I also get the gay vibe from Tyler

    Farrah is Casey Anthony waiting to happen.

    Why is Amber in rehab in LA, instead of where she lives?
  6. For most people, it is suggested that you attend a rehab facility away from your home in order to get focused and nit have distractions such as family and friends.

    Farrah will be on a future episode of "snapped". She has a short fuse and is socially inept/awkward.
  7. :roflmfao::roflmfao:I thought i was the only one.
  8. that rehab place looks nice did you see the pool
  9. That rehab place seems like a joke. It's usually where all the stars go when they do rehab and it seems like all relapse again. Obviously MTV footed the bill for her to go there. Also no real respectable rehab center would ever allow cameras inside.
  10. Gary is starting to look more and more like a cube.

    And I don't mean that in a mean way. If he wants to be around for Leah, he's got to work on diet and exercise.
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    Last summer MTV showed new episodes of Beavis and Butt-head. One of the things they ended up critiquing was an episode of Teen Moms.

    Butt-head's impression of Farrah's nasally voice (when she was going for a consultation about her boob job) was funny.
  12. I'm not excusing her behavior but in Teen Mom 2, Kailyn bugged me a lot more Janelle did.

    It's like, "Kailyn, Jenelle was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. And she has the mother she has and now she is getting help with it. What's your excuse?"
  13. I love Catelynn and Tyler.
  14. Good god I cannot stand Farrah's rotten attitude towards everything - especially her father. Too bad there won't be any more seasons of this cast to show Sophia spewing it right back at Farrah.
  15. ^The preview for next week peaked my interest. The unattractive sister throws it in Debra's face that she messed up her and Farrah's lives.