Teen Mom's [16 & Pregnant]

  1. I noticed that too when they were on the beach and Sophia wanted the kite, she was so demanding. It looks like Farrah will get a taste of her own medicine.
  2. I still don't understand the logic behind Farrah's mother telling her to call Michael by his first name even though he is her biological father.
  3. This isn't a feasible sentence: logic + Farrah + Farrah's mother?

    Does not compute. :rolleyes: lol
  4. it's best for everyone's brain if they try not to understand.
  5. You girls got me on that one :roflmfao:
  6. What the hell is wrong with Farrah? Why is she so damn rude to her parents? I honestly feel like smacking her. Her behaviour is just disgusting. I get that her parents can be frustrating at times but she gives them attitude even when they're being normal, like when her dad was asking her what her plans were for the first few weeks in florida and she just rolled her eyes and was like "im just settling in obviously, etc etc giving him such attitude when he was just making conservation. Why is that necessary? Does she not realize that she's being hurtful? What have her parents done to make her hate them so much? It really p!sses me off that she does that in front of Sophia too. One day that will bite her in the a$s. She'll get a taste of her own medicine when her daughter starts to pick up her same disgusting behaviour. I wonder how she'll feel when Sophia talks to her like that. SMH. She's such a miserable person, i feel bad for her daughter.
  7. I agree, I felt for her, losing her baby's father and all but she's so ungrateful it's frustrating!

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  8. Well, Michael and Farrah's mom are divorced now, so maybe he is lonely?
  9. oh they are? i didn't realize that. that makes sense then. i thought they had separated but gotten back together or something
  10. + 1,000,000
  11. Did she ask? I just heard her say "the plan is" and told him what he was going to be doing.
  12. You're right, she didn't ask, she proclaimed "You're going to drive the moving truck down for 5 days, and I'm taking a plane." I can't stand Farrah, I may even dislike her more than Amber and Jaenelle from Teen Mom 2. I wish "Michael" (why won't she call him dad?!) and Farrah's mom would grow a backbone and tell Farrah to stop being such a self-entitled brat. But they're probably terrified of alienating her because then they'd never get to see Sophia.
  13. Her skin is definitely having issues, but I commend her for being confident enough to go bare-faced in front of the camera. She seems so down to earth and more concerned about caring for Bentley than dolling up. Unlike Farrah, who is always overdone, and Amber, who wears fake eyelashes even when she's just home alone.
  14. didn't her mom slap her in her original 16 and pregnant episode??

    but i agree, they're letting things slide because they don't want her to keep sophia from them.
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    Exactly. I'm sure they've told her off more than once. But Farrah is a horrible person and she would have no problem making sure they never saw her or Sophia again so they have to bite their tongue. It's a really unfortunate situation. I don't know what they did wrong as parents to make her behave the way she does. Maybe they always let her have her way as a child? It's sad that Farrah has all the power. I would cry everyday if my child ever turned out like her and spoke to me the way she speaks to her parents.

    Also, i agree about disliking Farrah more than Amber. At least Amber has an excuse for her behaviour, she has actual mental issues. Depression is a serious thing and she has no support from family, etc. She probably didn't have the best childhood. In a way i kinda feel bad for Amber. She's such a b*tch but i think she has issues that go very deep. Having a child at 16 probably just added to all that. I remember when i heard she tried to commit suicide, that made me really sad. Her depression is worse than we all thought. I sincerely hope she can pull herself together for the sake of Leah.