Teen Mom's [16 & Pregnant]

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  1. Damn! I missed it!! I'll have to check to see when its on again.....
  2. These girls (and their SOs) are so heartbreakingly young.

    I love Catelynn and her BF. They are so sweet together. Their parents are awful (well, his dad and her mom) and the kids seem like the grown-ups here. (And then of course there are moments when you realize they are still kids, like the whole lack of BC thing.) I hope they make it and have good lives together. :smile:

    Farrah's mom kills me -- she is truly awful. Farrah is getting a lot of help with the baby, and maybe not taking a lot of responsibility for herself -- but at least she seems to truly love her daughter. I'm with Shimma -- I hope she's able to support herself, soon, and moves out of that house!

    I hope that Maci will be okay. She seems pretty mature. I hope she gets rid of the deadbeat and moves on, for her own mental health, soon.

    Amber and her BF make me so sad. I hope that poor baby ends up okay. :sad:
  3. You're right. I did mean to type at least he is trying. Poor Amber looked completely disinterested as she was longingly gazing out the window while little Leah crawled around on the couches. I'm not a mom, but that scene made me cringe. I was terrified that little Leah would fall of the couch and hit her head or worse.
    The fiance does seem to be trying. He is working to support his family and he did seem upset when Amber told him about her depression.
  4. ^Yeah i agree about Amber. I was scared the baby would fall too! Her bf is trying and he seems like a nice guy. He looks like he takes a lot of @#$% from her too. Did you see the preview where they are fighting? Pretty serious stuff.

    I really like this show & can't wait to see what happens this week! I wonder how long it will run for?
  5. I love watching this show too!

    Maci has such a good heart and is so mature about the situation.

    Farrah seems like a spoiled brat with priorities in all the wrong places. She ticks me off..
  6. Dats sooo true..this show really sugar coats teenage motherhood especially since these girls live in the suburbs and nice places.
  7. i love this show! it's more interesting than the original 16 & pregnant.

    farrah needs to grow up! i don't think her mom is being unreasonable- farrah should spend more time with sophia instead of dating boys. her mom even said she doesn't want/need another sophia around the house, so what's so awful about her mom? farrah is lucky her mom didn't kick her ass out, and she watches the baby while farrah goes out. she's lucky in that sense IMO.
  8. ITA! She made plans to leave for 6 hours and just expects her mom to babysit! She didn't even ask! She is VERY lucky and definitely controls her mom.
  9. Yeah, I remember commenting on that in the thread for the original show, not quite as politely as you, though. ;)

    But when I thought about it, I realized that in order to tell the story they wanted to tell, they were limited to a very narrow "slice" of the economic ladder.

    If they diverged down, the show would first become about poverty, and then, as what was the "gap" between have and have-not has become such an extreme chasm, the whole thing would inevitably become essentially a documentary about how getting a Living Wage (from the show itself!) even for just a few months affected the hamsters!

    And if they diverged too far up, it would become the story of Jamie Lynn Spears! :biggrin:

    So the only way to keep it about the effects of pregnancy and parenthood on that prevailing concept of "typical teens," whose lives are all about high school, extra-curricular activities, making post-high school plans, and having fun with other teens in similar circumstances is to do exactly what they did, and confine it to as much of a "range" within the dynamically decreasing population sector of households who still enjoy some measure of discretionary income, but not so much that they don't have to utilize any discretion!
  10. ^but tyler and catelynn don't look all that wealthy to me...neither do amber and her fiance...
  11. /\I think those couples are MTV's lowest of the lows...
  12. :yes:^ MTV has had worst ones.
  13. Well, they may be perceived as the lower end of that "some discretionary income" range, and with Catelyn especially, she and her boyfriend only have one present and functional providing adult between them (his mom), but from her they are receiving support and guidance as well as survival basics, and she appears to have been at least sufficiently "in place" pre-show to be able to provide them with housing and food.

    We know that Amber and her boyfriend, too, did have access to at least enough discretionary income for him to learn that big lesson about discretion in the first show, and they also held some kind of little party at some point - not fancy, but as with Catelyn, indicative of there having been enough in place at least so that both families were relatively housing-secure, and with adults who were able to afford to spend enough non-earning hours to be in the home to be able to counsel, admonish, etc.

    :biggrin: See, that's exactly what I mean - if they had cast poor girls in the show, the whole thing would have gone straight to being all about the grim and grit of poverty, with the teen pregnancy/parenthood aspect immediately fading into sub-plot status, and things like which couple had how many adults they could count on a moot point.

    We wouldn't have the luxury of discussing which of the girls seemed to be coping better, which parents appear more appealing - it just wouldn't be the story that the viewers want to see told, and sponsors want to sponsor!
  14. I think its good that they mixed in both. Maci & Farrah are shown to be more wealthier then Amber & Catelyn but at the end of the day, they all share similar struggles which is the most important message of the show.

    I'm looking forward to tonight's new episode!
  15. Thank You!

    You managed to say it in like .0043 words - similar struggles, point of the show.

    It's kind of like watching ballerinas pirouette on pointe, makes me gaze in slack-jawed awe, murmuring "How do people DO that?"