Teen Mom's [16 & Pregnant]

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  1. Good episode last night. Farrah's mom is a tough cookie but I get where she's coming from. Caitlyn and bf are cute, his dad is a tool.
  2. I'm sorry but to me this show is a complete fairy tale...I wish they followed around some 16 year old girls/teen moms from my neighborhood and how hard it really is especially at that age where chances are the teenage father is so immature they arent even in the picture...how these girls end up dropping out of school because they have no one to care for their child while they are in school and how their living situation is not as nicely picture as these girls. I see girls everyday in my neighborhood residing in shelters and group homes. I dont wanna rain on any parade but I'm just speaking based off what TV never shows yet I get to see everyday.
  3. Farrah's mom makes this one of those shows where you hope - even pray - it's staged.

    Every scene that woman is in looks like it could be the beginning of one of those really spooky murder mysteries, where absolutely everyone who knew the victim even slightly has a motive.

    Farrah needs to make a way out of no way and get herself - and her child - out of that toxic cloud yesterday.

    Amber's boyfriend just makes me want to cry. I really called that one wrong. I thought they were in remarkably good shape, but it turns out that of all the girls, she seems to be the one who is really seriously just not able to deal with things.

    I hope she will get the help she needs, but Oh, her poor babydaddy!

    We watched him grow up, pretty much instantly, and swallow a whole bottle of parenthood and responsibility pills in one gulp, and now, bless his heart, he is just bumbling along, and doing so with far more nobility and patience than most people 3 times his age will ever have, and it looks like now he is also to be slammed with the additional trials and tribulations of a partner too troubled to love and care for herself, much less love another adult and care for an infant.

    Maci's situation is best summed up by the little screen-scrawl they had at the end of her segment: Maci + Ryan = Maci. Her story continues to be the most "typical," the most representative and realistic "What to Expect" scenario for single moms of all ages.

    Being a hopeless romantic, of course I enjoy believing that Catelyn and her babydaddy will ring in 2060 as much in love as they are now, and with him still saying things like "You're so different from me, it scares me sometimes," and both enjoying, at long last, that most delightful Gift of Menopause - Liberation from having to think about contraception ever again.
  4. Farrah's mom...God, I rolled my eyes everytime she asked Farrah's friend a question. Y'all "believe in abstinence"??! Newflash, people, your daughter didn't. And for her to grill that young man like he had just impregnated her was a joke. No, boo, you need to be this persistent at the Child Support and Welfare office with your grandadaughter's daddy or pushing your daughter to do it. Between that and Catelyn and her boyfriend...Jesus, take the wheel and not let these kids get pregnant again because they are damned sure getting enough practice in, according to the boy. Just...WOW. I will have to watch again because I hopped on the phone 30 minutes into the show.
  5. i watched this last night and i was halfway asleep so i'm not sure if i caught this correctly... but the couple who gave up their kid... her mom and his dad are married??????? which kinda sorta makes them step brother/sister???

    and then after she gets birth control they joke around about how they've still been having unprotected sex... OMIGOD.. did these two not learn their lesson??? obviously not if they're still going around like rabbits without a care in the world.

    i felt bad for farrah. she seems like she's doing a good job and her mom and sister are both giving her crap for wanting to go on dates. just because she now has a baby does not mean that she does not deserve a relationship.
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    I agree with you about Farrah's mom. She needs to be educating her daughter, not Cole. And if Farrah didn't learn her lesson the first time around, then she really is stupid. Yes a young guy may be all about the physical part of a relationship but how can you point blank ask a person that? She then went on how their religion is all about abstinence until marriage yet she is holding her teenage daughter's baby while she lectures him on their religion & morals. Worry about your own damn child and let his parents wory about him. I hate how she always says to Farrah "He may not be good for us" and "We don't need him". Let your daughter live and learn, just like she is learning the hard way by raising a baby. I know her mom is looking out for her so she doesn't repeat her mistakes but she protects her way to much. Farrah has it more easily then the other girls because she lives at home and has more help which isn't bad but she needs to plan a future that involves her and her kid. I really thought she would stay with Cole because he seemed like a sweet guy but i guess not! Hope she finds someone.

    I feel bad for Amber's boyfriend/fiancee because he seems like he is trying. She seems like a good mom though. They all do, even Farrah now. When i first saw her story, that baby looked nothing like an accessory to her. I think having a baby really changed her even though we will see her struggle with being a mom & a teenager. I wonder if Maci & her bf ended up getting married. That guy looks like an ass, like he doesn't want to be there.

    Yup apparently her mom and his dad are married! I missed the beginning of when they did their show on 16&P, just saw the end when they gave the baby up which made me cry. Did you hear him joke about calling up the adoptive parents and asking if they want a little brother for their child? I didn't think it was funny considering how we watched them struggle with thier choice to put the baby up for adoption. I wonder if they will eventually regret it? The birth control.....arrggghhh they never learn! At least she finally went to the doctors to get some!
  7. I don't like Farrah's story anymore, they focus too much on her social life rather than her life as a mom. She should be on a different show...The Hills or something.
  8. Her sister, IMO, was right to say she needs to focus on her child. I didn't necessarily agree that she's "going to miss 'precious Sophia moments'", but first and foremost, you are now someone's mother. You can at least put your ever-so-important social life on hold and deal with your child instead of trying to jump into a relationship, introduce this guy to your child, etc...If dating, going out and having boyfriends were that important to you, maybe you should've done that instead of getting pregnant. I mean, damn, if they can't learn priorities now, their kids will be another set of teen parents.
  9. maybe i missed something because i was half asleep but i didn't see her as not having her child as top priority. because she is now a mom means she must sit at home all the time and have no social life? to me it seemed like her daughter was very much loved. and she was very straight forward with the guy in telling him that she had a daughter and making sure that he was ok with it.
    to me it seemed like she was trying the best she could to make it so her and her daughter would have a good life. i suppose she could keep her child as being the one and only priority and be satisfied with working fast food or something for the rest of her life.
  10. ^^^^I totally got Farrah's mom's point about not running off to somewhere two to three hours away to confront him over his possible cheating ways. As her mother pointed out, Farrah would've been away from her daughter for at least 6 hours. Her mother's message was important but it was so poorly delivered that Farrah just tuned it out. Those two so need to go to therapy together. There are obviously some issues there ... beyond the typical teenager ones/
    I think Farrah needs to remember that when you live under someone's roof, you abide by their rules. To me, Farrah seemed more interested in her social life than being with her daughter. I do think she loves her daughter, but certainly isn't prepared to be a mother.
  11. Amber needs help that just a handful of pills isn't going to help. I am heartbroken that she dropped out of school. At risk of writing a thesis on maternal and child health, a mother's level of education is a very good predictor of her child's health. Her fiance is a mess. He seems even less prepared to be a parent than she is. But at least it seems like she is trying. It doesn't seem like Amber is really interested in her daughter at all. I am starting to fear for poor Leah's safety.

  12. I wasn't a teen mom, but I fail to understand why young, single women (and a lot of women, for that matter) introduce their kids to every man that more or less waves "hello" to them. Unless you're serious with a man, why do you have to expose your child to him? It's just another step in a cycle of destructive behavior, IMO.
  13. Yes, yes, yes, yes, and yes.

    I 10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000% agree!!!!!!!!!!
  14. maybe it's just that i don't like farrah's mom. really hated her during farrah's original episode. and i missed the part of farrah going somewhere for 6 hours to confront someone. that is a bit ridiculous.
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    I'm guessing you meant "he" is trying.

    He is less of a mess than any of the rest of them. And try is all any of us can do, in any situation.

    I think I sympathize with him especially because we saw that process on the show, when he bought the video game, and you could just watch his plump little face, not so much when Amber and I think one of the grownups talked to him about it, but later, he just sat there and grew up several years in a matter of seconds, and took the game back.

    From that moment, he seemed like a different boy. He might not have done everything Amber wanted him to do. He may be a slob. He may be lazy, though not as lazy as Amber makes him sound!

    At worst, he is a lazy slob** who loves his little family and works to provide for them, and that is valid mighty fine man potential.

    I wish I could be more optimistic about the long-term chances of his little family in its current form, though. I have a feeling that his mom may end up taking over much of the care-giving duties during the time he is at work.

    I agree, and in fairness to Farrah, she did try to suggest that, as best she is able, to her mother.

    That is why I found that whole segment - and her mother - so objectionable!

    This was just some dude she was going for ice cream with, NOT a serious relationship, not any kind of relationship, and it was completely inappropriate for him to be brought into her home and introduced to her mother, much less the baby!

    And sure enough, Farrah finds out almost immediately that he is a dud.

    I have a nasty little suspicion that Farrah's mother may have intended all that with the objective of manipulating Farrah into not going for ice cream at all, and if she does this time, never doing it again, and Farrah, because she has lived in that dysfunction all her life, and is still a child herself, simply does not have the maturity and skills to smilenodnodsmile at what her mother says, go have her ice cream, and tell her mother something that will please her, or at the very least, not be disturbing to her or engage or exercise her in any way.

    Her mother should not know anything she does or thinks, now or ever. And as soon as Farrah can get out of there, her mother does not need to know her address or phone number.

    Not everyone is cut out for parenthood. Unfortunately, many of them have children anyway.

    This time, the boy was just a dud, but - hmm.

    Let me just say that these days, there are many people with whom might one go and eat ice cream in a public place, that it is not only for reasons of social propriety that one should get to know them a little better before considering whether to bring them into one's home, and share with them the exact location of one's elders and children.

    I think that controlling Farrah is so important to her mother that such a thing would never occur to her.

    We can all hope that she will choose to get help. But in the meantime, it is up to Farrah to get herself and her child into a less hazardous environment.

    **Full disclosure: I'm a lazy slob, and on behalf of the proud lazy slob community, I'd like to point out that some of us make good parents, and some of us don't, but our lazy slobhood has nothing to do with that one way or the other. Hey, we get stuff done. We take care of our responsibilities. We just keep them in sort of piles here and there while we take care of them.