Teen girl gang-raped in Brazilian jail

  1. That is so horrible! It's sad that she committed a crime to get in that position in the first place, BUT, I don't think that she deserved what happened to her by any means.

    I truly hope that the media stays on this story so that more girls and women are not treated in the same way.
  2. Oh my god.

    I can't respond to this story without using inappropriate language. Needless to say, I am shocked. And disgusted. Wow.
  3. that's sad, I'm sorry that happened to her. How did the prision officals allow that to happen?
  4. Who in his right mind would prison up a girl of any age with 21 men? :cursing:
  5. that is so sick. i can't believe they put her in with men!!!! i cant believe it. i am so shocked. this poor girl.

  6. ^^^i said the same thing...how horrible!!!!!!!!!!!!:crybaby:
  7. Man, how stupid is that prison system there? A teen GIRL with a bunch of MEN? WHO is responsible for that????

    I don't care of she shot the president, no-one, I mean NO-ONE should be put in a situation like that.

    Shame on you Brazil.
  8. That is like throwing a baby into a cage full of wolves.

    Even when there are cases of juveniles going into adult prison with people of the same gender, it outrages many and is the topic of much debate. This is just unthinkable.
  9. Its a scary world out there. Thank God I live where I at least feel safe. Who knows how safe it really is though.
  10. this must happen all the time and it's just never reported in the media, hopefully this story changes things and that men and women in Brazil will have their own seperate jails for f**ks sake. :push: How could there not be seperate jails??? so things like this can purposely happen? Ugh, Brazillian women are constantly made out to be pieces of meat so this isn't too surprising, I suppose.
  11. That makes me sick to my stomach, horribly sick.
  12. where the hell is the common sense? putting a 15 year old girl in prison with men?

    is 'thinking' an old fashion trend?
  13. Sick.

    "She was not beaten or injured...." then there's "She was TORTURED with lit cigarettes on her fingers and bare feet.."
  14. :shocked: poor girl.... :rant:how could they do that to a child....