Teeheeeheeee!! I'm BERRY happy too!!!!!

  1. Made ya look!! OK, I'm naughty! :yahoo: But I did call JAX and they do have around 20 Carly TOP HANDLE POUCHES for those who really, really want a Carly in khaki/berry! I just ordered one and confirmed that it was indeed purple!

    So, two ways of looking at this: 1) they will probably do a medium and/or large Carly in berry since there are baby Carly's in berry 2) if you can't get the big girl Carly, you can get the next best thing; a baby Carly!

    I own one and love it! It's very convenient for runs to the store etc. This is the only Carly I can carry as the medium and large slide off my shoulder. I can fit a mini skinny, a wristlet or two, my phone and my keys into it. Here's a stock photo attached: (this is khaki/beet not khaki/berry)
    coach carly top handle pouch 40347 khaki beet.jpg
  2. LOL T! :lol:

    Congrats!:tup:Can't wait to see the little cutie!
  3. Ahhh wish I had the extra $$ right now. Thanks for sharing this! :tup:

    I'm so glad you were able to get one, congrats & enjoy :yahoo:
  4. Yay!!! That is so awesome! Congrats!
  5. Congrats! Maybe berry Carly IS coming early summer sometime?? Where's "just engaged" girl?? She can get a baby berry to satify her needs for now. :tup:
  6. Ohh, this is good news! Thanks for letting us know!
  7. ZOMG I want this more than a khaki/bronze baby Carly...!

    patience, grasshopper...patience...
  8. This is great news!!! Thanks for telling us!
  9. TLLoves, that is good to know! Congrats!! am berry happy for you too!!
  10. lol you're too cute!!
    congrats on your new berry carly pouch:yahoo:
  11. OMG no fairrr!
    LOOK at my wishlist!! I want the THP for Carly..and the purple is so pretty T_T

    Too bad I haven't saved enough yet...

    Congrats though, PICS PICS PICS when it comes!
  12. That's so cool! I love my baby Choco Carly and the berry would be so cute! Congrats!
  13. If only I didn't already have the THP in khaki/chambray. They are just a little too similar. For those of you wondering about the size, I really love my pouch and use it a lot.
  14. Congrats! :tup: Can't wait to see pics!!!!
  15. Congrats! I can't wait to see your photos. Congrats once again!