Tee Questions

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  1. I needed some tee shirts. So I ordered online more than I needed thinking I would then have a lot to choose from.

    3 Jcrew tissue tees (white, light green and apricot short sleeve)
    1 James Perse tee (white short sleeve)
    4 C&C tees (aqua, melon, faded black (all short sleeve), and one light grey long sleeve)
    1 Lucy tee (from Lucy.com, I am not sure if that is the brand name? olive green)

    I was hoping I would have a favorite but I love them all. They are comfy and flattering. I didn't really want to spend all this money just on tee shirts - there are other things I need too! But my tee collection was weak and needed a boost. So now I am wondering should I just keep them all? I am sure I'll wear them - probably all the time.

    How many tees do you buy at one time? How many do you own at any given time?

    Also - what bra do you recommend that is least visible and the most natural looking for tissue tees?
  2. With really thin tees I always layer with a spaghetti strap underneath and I generally wear nude colored bras under almost everything b/c it never shows through.
  3. agree with smallbag: nude bras work universally.

    also, LnA tees are delish. such the rage in LA - love when paired with funky big scarves.
  4. if i could afford it, i would keep them all. for me, i usually buy all my tee's at the j.crew outlet~~they are only $10!
  5. Victoria Secret has what they call a T-shirt bra. you should go for that.

    How does the C&C shirts feel? I was thinking of getting a couple.
  6. I was just reading on yahoo.com about spending too much money on tees, heres the article: Save or Spend? Save.
    Experts Say: Save on tees because "you wear them close to your skin, so you wash them more, and they don't have that long of a shelf life," says Mary Lou Andre, a Boston-based wardrobe consultant and the author of Ready to Wear (Perigee). Plus, white ones usually lose the fight with underarm-perspiration marks. "Go for a good fit first and for fabric that doesn't look flimsy," says Kendall Farr, a stylist and the author of The Pocket Stylist (Gotham). "Both of these criteria can be accomplished at good prices."
  7. With that being said, I suggest AA tees. They are similiar to LNA tees, just a lot cheaper, they have great fits and cuts and you can even purchase them in 3packs...
  8. JahpsonLoveYou - They feel really nice... soft and thin but sturdy at the same time.

    Biondina - Thanks for the tips - I will try the AA tees. Maybe I will keep one of each brand and try the AA, and then decide over time which brand to stay loyal too. I actually wanted to try AA but just didn't get to order from there but your post convinced me that I should!

  9. awesome, thanks!
  10. If I find a tee that fits me right, I'll get one in every colour that I like. I try to keep them in a mid price range, since I know I'll wear them a lot. For tissue tees, I recommend a nude coloured bra. Those never show through! Works like wonders with white tees, and anything that's slightly see-through.
  11. They have these underarm type thingys you can stick on the under arm of each side to prevent sweat from staining your tshirt or any other shirt and to keep from having wet marks on other items if you sweat a lot. I can't remember what they are called but they have them at Nordstroms in the lingerie department. I find on thin tshirts they are genius..sweat seems to break down the tshirt under the arms a lot faster than other parts of the tshirt.
  12. Just a warning about C&C tees. I have a bunch of their tanks and find that they pill very easily like after just a few wears and begin to look old really quickly.
  13. Wow. That's good to know. I will stay away from them, then. Lately, I've been buying a lot of James Perse ribbed tanks and layering them. I also like Hanro and Three Dots.

    I tend to buy bunches at a time since I wear them a lot. I wash them in hot water, even the colored ones, so I need to replace them frequently.