Tee or Teh

  1. Just curious... have heard it pronouced both ways, with a "tee" or a "teh"... so which is right? Bo-Tee-ga or Bo-teh-ga?

    Singaporeans tend to pronouce the brands wrongly. :shame:

    Other examples of wrong pronoucations are:
    Louis Vuitton - "Lewis Vee-Turn" or "Lewis Ver-Ton"
    Hermes - "Her-miss"

    Read in some magazines that the above should be pronouced as:
    LV - "Loo-ee Wee-Tong"
    Hermes - "Eh-Mess"

    Anyone have anymore to share?
  2. I believe the second is the correct Italian pronunciation.
  3. Given that the "i" in Italian is the long "ee" pronunciation, and the "e" is usually an "eh" pronunciation, I would say it's Boh-teh-gah, or Boh-tae-gah.

    But for the price you're paying for the item, you should be able to call it whatever you want!
  4. Oh, thanks mistikat!
  5. Hahahaha... that's a good one!! I call my "my best friend"!! :nuts:
  6. Yup, the correct version is Bo-`tae-ga `Ve-ne-ta with a stressed first syllable on the first and a stressed first syllably on the second word (now I feel like some nerdy etymologist :nuts:)
  7. Hi C_24,
    looking at your markings on the syllables, it looks like its stressed on the second syllable in the first word?
  8. ^Oops, sorry. Yes it`s stressed on the second syllable and of course it`s syllable and not syllably! :shame:
  9. I have to agree with Bunkie on this one, the majority of the SA's I deal with in the UK are Italian, so correctly it would be Boh-the-ga veneta. I also recently learned that intreccatio (the weave) is pronounced as intre-cha-toe. I could learn this all day :girlsigh: BTW Hermes is er-mez
  10. Hermes should be pronounced "Air-mez" I believe. :smile:

    Great pronounciation question. It's so interesting when you only see a name in print, and rarely here it spoken.
  11. Thanks C_24, Syma and Stophle! Was thinking about intreccatio's pronoucation too!

    Now am wondering if anyone has any other brands to share?
    Yves Saint Laurent?
  12. "Hear it spoken even". *L* I love it when I think one thing and type another. It's greeeeeeat
  13. Hermes is "air-mez"
  14. Thanks! haha...you're so cute :p
  15. I have heard Hermes pronounced as Her Mees and Bottega pronounced as Bo tee ga. I don't think it matters. I agree with Bunkie. When you spend that much you can call it whatever you like.