Teddy blake Hermes Dupe???

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  1. I thought I had spotted an Hermes bag in real life so I complimented her and long story short she told me it was a bag by Teddy Blake. I was shocked.... I never knew there were Hermes "dupes" (maybe not a dupe since it's not plastered with the Hermes logo anywhere but more like an inspired-by bag) this well made...

    Anyone else familiar with Teddy Blake?
  2. Never heard of it, and just Googled it now, OMG, to me, these are literally FAKE Ks and Bs. 🏻🏻🏻
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    +1. I can't believe it!
  4. I hate replicas :nogood::nogood::nogood:
  5. It doesn't say Hermes anywhere on these bags and as much as people dislike it, it isn't a replica if it doesn't have the company's branding on it. This isn't the first company to do this and won't be the last.
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  6. I've heard of them after I saw someone I know with one. She'd tagged the designer of the bag. I was mostly shocked by the price. For that much just come up with your own design.
  7. :throwup::sick::throwup:
  8. :nogood:
  9. :shocked::tdown:
  10. you mean a counterfeit?

    a replica is an exact or very close copy - which is exactly what that is - the entire design is H's branding
  11. No, I mean that it's not a counterfeit and as "replica" is often used these days on a lot of sites to denote an actual copy/fake, I can't say this is a replica either given the climate today in which that word is used. If it doesn't have the company branding, it's not breaking any laws. These don't, and they are obviously not Hermes items.

    Hermes could choose to sue for copyright design if they haven't modified the bags enough but there are so many bags meant to look like a Kelly or a Birkin, or using elements like the straps or turnlock - but if they don't say Hermes ... they aren't.
  12. In the US, bag and fashion design is not protected under copyright law. Only the Hermès logo is protected and I believe that's by trademark, not copyright. As long as they are not using a logo that does not belong to them, there is little recourse and I can't see how it would be worth pursuing. Print design is protected but not the shape of a jacket or the proportions of a Kelly.

    I don't know the international law but I had some interesting conversations with Intellectual Property attorneys about my own work and this was my understanding as it relates to fashion knock offs and the replica/fake market.
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  13. The ornamental design may be protected by design patents in the U.S. In fact, if you search for Hermes in the USPTO patent database, you will see that some of the newer designs of the Hermes bags are indeed protected by design patents.
  14. Over the decades many brands have designed the same shape/style of a bag ....... as previously mentioned it's not termed as fake or counterfeit unless the brand's logo is used.

  15. It is not a birkin no matter how well made it is. But I guess it is a good alternative for people that cannot afford the real birkin. also, there are a lot of similar looking bags...just depends on if you can afford and like the Hermes brand. perhaps heritage is important to you and you can afford the birkin so you buy it.

    I can't tell from the pictures if they are handmade or not. There are a lot of brands out there and I believe all real designers have been influence by those before them....and thus many bags and clothes that have similar elements :smile:. I think fashion and style should be fun so I don't think too much about it if someone is carry an inspired bag.
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