Teddy bear pins~~

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  1. are they still available in stores?

    are they limited edition?

    i remember they were out in 2005, are they coming back again?( i read it somewhere?)
  2. oh, found out they're re-released..
    but not the damier one right?
  3. Yes, the Damier and the LV logo bears are available.

    I was hoping the red bear and the beige turtle would come back, but no.
  4. they're so cute!
  5. are they expensive? i know they are TINY!
  6. I want teddy bear pins!! But I wouldn't know what I'd do with them. :roflmfao:
  7. Ok..the RED monogram and the BROWN monogram were re-released this past summer in only the NYC flagship and Rodeo Drive stores as far as I know. They are about $128 apiece (that was how much I paid in November but I don't know if they went up with the last increase).
    Currently there is NO re-release of the turtle or Damier pins, just the ones mentioned above.
  8. [​IMG]
  9. yay~ nice
    I'm getting a pair, red mono + damier :biggrin:
    happy happy~
  10. I saw the Damier bear and the mono bear. They are available, just call around for them.
  11. the red and brown mono are $135 now only via the two boutiques LVbabydoll listed
  12. I called the 866 vuitton number and they were not able to locate one for me:crybaby:
  13. Do you know if they went directly to the NYC or Rodeo Dr. store stock list? When I was at the Rodeo store, the quantity was REALLY limited (I'd gotten one of the last brown monogram bears and the 2nd to last red monogram bears). I don't know about the NYC store though..the only reason I say this is because sometimes things like that don't show up on their computer since they're only at one or two stores, so it's better to call the store directly. I had luck finding something this way a couple times previously. Here are the numbers..hopefully they have one for you!

    Rodeo Dr.- (310) 859-0457
    NYC- (I'm fairly sure this is the right one, as I don't deal with the NY stores)
    (212) 758-8877
  14. I was at the NYC 5th Ave. store two weeks ago and I saw them on the display for childrens clothing.
  15. i want a Damier one!! :hysteric: i wonder if 866 would be able to track one down for me.