Teddy Bear Pins!!!

  1. I just got my Teddy Bear Pins today. They're so cute! Here they are:


    Here's the deal on these: The manager at the store I order from didn't know they were being reissued, even though some others had said their boutiques knew about it. I called 1-866-VUITTON last week to get the real skinny. They said that only two stores were going to carry them, and I believe they are the Rodeo Drive store in CA and the 57th Street store in NYC. You can order through the 1-866 number and they'll have them shipped out from one of those two stores.
  2. :yahoo: :heart: How much????:heart: :love:
    Thanks for the info...& CONGRATS!!!!! They are adorable.
  3. They were $125 each.
  4. Wow... those are really cute... Congrats !!!
  5. SO CUTE! I love them.
  6. Thank you.
    I was a bad girl this month...Vegas & all, but that is something I can swing! Yay!!!! & he would look so cute with my bags. Does it have a bar clasp or a round one that can go through holes in a strap. I would like to attatch it, but I guess having him on a jacket would be cute too.
  7. They have the bar clasp on them. Someone mentioned before that there was a way they could be worn on bags, but I'm not sure what that is. I'd be interested to know also.
  8. wow..they are cute..congrats..
  9. wow they look great tammy! i was dissappointed when they told me that the Damier wasn't going to be re-iussued so i had to resort to ebay. I paid $25.00 over retail. not bad!
  10. awww......very cute.....love 'em......congrats!!:love:
  11. Ah, yes, the Damier bears are so cute. It sounds like you got a pretty good deal.
  12. I'd love to order one, but I'm not sure how they could be put on a bag. Anyone have any ideas? :wlae: Do you think one would look good on my cabas piano, maybe right before the gold square rings that attach the handles to the bag? :graucho:
  13. They are so cute! Congrats! That's disappointing that they are only available through two stores though. Especially since they won't ship to Canada :crybaby:
  14. oooooooohhhh so cute. :heart: them both.
  15. thanks for the post...ive been looking for these =)...just ordered mine