Teddy Bear Pin/Brooch?

  1. Friends...

    Since I bought the Etoile de Neige Kit in Dubai, I have been looking for pins and accessories for men... (me in particular)

    Anyways, I would LOVE to have the teddy bear pin.

    Any Idea where I can get one?

  2. Hmm, did you check Karen Kooper's site? She had one not too long ago :yes:
  3. Checked KarenKooper.com, but not success...:sad:
  4. Oh thats HORRIBLE! I would have bought that... I cant give up hope!!
  5. there are two more on eBay (1 damier, 1 mono), but they are about $ 220 each :push:
  6. eBay is probably the only source now. just keep watch. they do pop up once in a while. good luck! :yes:
  7. deluxeduck, do you know what the retail on these were? Karen's price seems pretty good to me, but over $200 ...?! :shrugs:
  8. thnx deluxeduck and kittie!!!
  9. i think i paid AU$380 for the turtle & bear set here in Australia back in 2005.
  10. They're so cute!! I hope you'll be able to get your hands on one!
  11. Thanks for the good wish Swedie...

    Deluxeduck... There is a turtle? Can you please post pic? PLEASE???

  12. these pins originally came out in pairs for the men's '05 Spring show collection. there were 3 sets: white mono turtle & brown mono bear, red mono bear & damier bear, brown mono bear & damier bear. then LV decided to release the bears again last year individually. here's my set:


  13. :heart: Love the turtle! :heart:
  14. I have the turtle, my best friend the bear; we buyed a couple together!