Ted Casablancas' Blind Vince Column

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  1. Has anyone read his column today? It seems like it is Vince Vaughn and Jennifer Aniston. Any thoughts?
  2. Really? Good for her! They look cute together! :smile:
    So weird how Vince was w/ Brad & A.Jolie during their movie Mr. & Mrs. Smith...Hmmm...
  3. No it actually it meant that the man Ted was referring to in the column who remains nameless is gay...WHich would mean Vince is gay, which is fine except that I have a totally ridiculous obsession with him. Oh well - I guess I have no chance, LOL. My boyfriend will be relieved, as he had a terrible fear that if Vince came knocking one day I would run away with him.
  4. Really? That sux. I just really want Jen to find a GREAT guy to rebound to. She deserves it! :smile: