1. What are your opinions on Technomarine (especially Technodiamond)?

    Wondering if it's very "out" or does it fit with all that whole Toy Watch acrylic trend that's big right now?

    Thanks! :flowers:
  2. Just realized the Technomarine watches aren't acrylic ... but for some reason they remind me of those Toy Watches....
  3. Ive had a Technomarine yacht (mens) model for 5 yrs, no complaints for the money 175.00. Its my observation that the Technodiamond models popularity has diminished somewhat. Its been out over 5 yrs. 1k is a lot to spend on a watch with a battery powered movement.
  4. True. :biggrin:

    I just love the pink color: so bright!
  5. I have one pink technomarine and love it. I don't think it looks outdated. It depends on how you want to wear it but mine doesn't have diamonds, just very casual but stylish.
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