Technomarine unisex diamond black ceramic chrono watch.

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  1. I purchased a Technomarine unisex diamond bezel black ceramic chrono watch from my local jeweler. They was having a massive discount on the watches. The watch was originally listed at $3,350.00 but they lowered it all the way to 895.00 plus tax. I don't know if I should keep it or not. They have a 30 day no question return policy. I know it is a knock off of the chanel j12 watch but at that price I couldn't past it up. I hope I made the right decision. All suggestions welcomed.
  2. Here is the picture of the watch
  3. i think it is beautiful, and does look like the J12..i'd keep it if you love it
  4. If you like it and you can match it with your outfits I say keep it. I like it. :smile:
  5. Keep it!! :smile:
  6. Wow, glad to know that they go down that low. I say it's a keeper!
  7. Keep it! it's beautiful :smile:
  8. Thanks for all the replies! I may just keep it.
  9. I have a technolady, diamond bezel, ss bracelet watch. I like it very much; I also have a black J12 - however, I can't afford 2 J12's and plan to purchase the white technomarine ceramic diamond bezel watch one day!

    I say keep it - at that price it was a steal!!
  10. hmmm... here's my take.

    If you are really lusting over a J12, I'd honestly save up to get it. What may wind up happening is that your Technomarine, which is halfway there, gets worn a bit... then you see someone with the J12, and you go "Darn!!" I really still do like the J12. And then you become sort of self-conscious about wearing a perceived J12-wannabe. And you eventually upgrade to the real thing once you can make the ends meet. At that point, the Technomarine isn't returnable.. And why wear that if you have the J12?

    If you are dead-set on a J12, try finding a used one. The good thing about ceramic watches is that they are really impervious to scratches. As such, a used one can look like a new one. With that being said, maybe you are perfectly fine with the Technomarine, as it accomplishes its purpose (black ceramic band, diamonds on face). If you just like the styling and don't care for the brand or exact design of Chanel's, just hold onto the Technomarine.

    Most horologists do not take Technomarine very seriously, as it's a very nascent brand in the history of watches. That being said, Chanel was never a watchhouse either. I give kudos to Chanel for being a relatively new entrant into the market with the J12. It's done quite well, as is evidenced by the number of people I see wearing it and talking about it.
  11. Yeah I will keep it. Technomarine may not be a well known brand but at a tenth of the price of a chanel j12 unisex black ceramic watch with diamond bezel I am thinking this is a geat buy. I was recently at the chanel store and I saw the j12 but at 9500.00 plus tax that is a little too steep for me right now.
  12. Wow - Great Deal, I would have been right behind you in line buying one too!
    I say it's a keeper
  13. Agree withe everything you posted.

  14. Yeah but even if my half worn watch goes bad I am only out what 895.00 plus tax but if I don't like the chanel in the future I am out 9500.00 plus tax. Also the chanels are alot easier to get now and prices have been falling in the secondary market. One more thing is I can't find a technomarine unisex diamond bezel black chrono watch at the price I got. One thing my local jeweler is Bailey Banks & Biddle. They are very reputable jewlers. So I know the watch is real. They have been in business since 1832.

  15. Lucky girl!! I wish my local BB&B sold Technomarine!!

    I could care less if they are a lesser known US brand, they are much larger in Europe - and regardless, they are unique - I can tell you I get many more compliments on my Technolady than on my J12. :yes:

    I am glad you are keeping it - I think it is a very nice watch!!! :tup: