1. *Warning, this came to me in a dream! lol*

    Technically, since the yellowing or pink-dying of the White MC canvas from 2003 is a well-known defect from the company, I could buy this used White MC Alma from let-trade for $689.99 from let-trade that has red transfer on it and bring it into the boutique and get a new one ?? I wish I had the guts to try it! Heres the item :

    Look at photo #25!
  2. Lol anyone??
  3. I think its possible to do this, but 99% of the time I think you would need a reciept. It is still an LV problem no matter where you bought it from, im sure if you took it in they may try to help to fix the problem. :smile:
  4. ^^ I know someone on the forum brought their White MC Speedy from 2003 without a receipt back because they hadnt kept it and they gave her a new one! I would never do this (too chicken!) I just wanted to see if it was possible.
  5. Yes I think I heard someone bought a discoloured White MC Speedy for a low price on eBay, brought it into the LV boutique and were given a brand new one! Although I'd be too afraid to try this out, if they wouldn't take it back then I'd just be left with a discoloured bag :s
  6. I think it boils down to a question of ethics again....maybe you can, but SHOULD you?
  7. But why shouldn't you? It shouldn't have happened in the first place. Just because she was not the one to originally buy it.
  8. I really dont see how this is a question of ethics? This is perhaps the most well-known defect, LV gives people new bags when this comes up. Let's say I had gotten this bag as a hand-me down and I had asked "Should I go exchange my bag because of its defect?" you wouldve probably answered of course!
  9. Yes I think once someone brought theirs in and they didnt take it, I wouldnt want to be stuck with a discoloured bag either lol!
  10. I think the problem would be the receipt...if you didn't have one, they could look up your name on the computer I guess, provided your name was actually in their records as having bought a white MC Speedy. So I do think they'd want to see some kind of a proof of purchase first.
    I personally wouldn't want to do this though, but that's just me.
  11. I dont plan on doing this, I dont really like the Alma to be honest, I was just wondering if it was possible!
  12. Personally, I wouldn't do it. Not because I'm too chicken or anything, just cuz it doesn't feel right. I would feel like I'm exploiting the company's customer service and if I DID get the new bag, everyone of you who've had genuine problems through original purchases but didn't get help should hate me, justifiably so, for taking advantage of the system. For me, it's not about whether LV would replace the bag or not, it's the conspiring to get something new for cheap that's the problem.
  13. Like Cyndee said, it's all about the ethics now. Even if a person is able to pass through the system with no receipt and get an exchange, it's just morally wrong to do something like this. No one may find out about it, but his/her conscience will get him/her. It doesn't matter if the exchange is for a luxury bag or a cheaper product from Walmart, people who cheat the system will cheat on soooooo many other levels in life.

    It shouldn't happen, but when you design a new collection the first time, there's no guarantee that something of the unexpected WOULDN'T happen. This is the "risk" that every LE buyer should know about a product that has never gone through the test of time, like the damier and mono canvases.
  14. ^^Well said!
  15. Which is why I said "technically", lol, I would neverrrrr do this!