technical question abt. Sienna

  1. Has anyone ever loosened the knotted pocket thingys on the sides/ends of the Sienna? I afraid to but I would love a little more slack to pop stuff in and out of there. I just don't want to ruin the look. Has anyone attempted this?
  2. I've adjusted those knots many times. Just remember how it was knotted to keep the look. I personally like all those ripples that are formed when the drawstrings are pulled pretty tight. I think that when the leather's dry, though, they tend to weaken and even snap, so be careful when handling them. I know that one strip of leather on mine has snapped. Oh, well.
  3. Oh thanks so much! It's good to hear someone has tried it. thanks for the advice!
  4. I loosen mine at the beginning and then leave it be. Those tassles can get funky looking the more you mess with them. And whatever you do, don't mess with the knot at the bottom. If you do the braiding begins to fray and you can never get it to look the same again. I've seen some bags on eBay that obviously was re-braided and looked bad.
  5. I think I might go that route---loosen them in the beginning then leave them alone.
    Thanks Lexie!
  6. I do the same thing, Lexie; loosen a little in beginning, then leave alone.
  7. Great idea!
  8. thank-you everyone!