Technical issues today - 4-12-08

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  1. Today I've had several issues ... I had a thread ready to post and wanted to add attachments but the "Manage attachments" button seemed "dead". I had to eventually go out of tPF and back in and it finally worked.

    Several photo thumbnails that I have clicked on do not respond to clicking on them to enlarge. There doesn't appear to be any attempt by the site to open the link. Nothing happens at all.

    A couple times I have clicked on threads and the same thing happened as with photos... nothing happened.
  2. Item #2 above was due to issues with the thumbnails themselves. The poster has fixed her images and that is working now.
  3. Vlad and the techs are looking into it!
  4. Can you point me to the thread in question?
  5. Vlad, I'm just now seeing this.. sorry...

    I will be sure if this happens again to give a link to the thread... Thanks so much!! :tup: