Technical help

  1. Help do I post pics in a post? I can put a link to where my pics are sorted (like photobucket) but how do I put the actual image in the box??/ :confused1:

    Thanks ladies :yes:
  2. Hope this is clear enough:

    Under photobucket, my album, you'll see near the top of the page "upload to: xxxx (your name) and a button "Browse". Click on that browse button and go to where your image is stored (eg in my case it's in "My Pictures"). Click on the pic you want and click on "Open". Then click on the button "Upload". Wait a bit and you'll see the image in a box. Underneath that box, you'll see "URL Link", "HTML Tag" and "IMG Code". Please copy & paste what's in the last box "IMG Code" and put it in the body of your post. The pic should appear.
  3. Ah thanks, i'm going to have a go now! TA!