Technical Computer Help, asap

  1. I made a powerpoint presentation on my Macintosh computer(mac osx) and I emailed it to a microsoft computer. I used pics from the internet, and the pics on the presentation do not show up on the microsoft computer. It said something about decompressing. How can I make it possible to have the pics in the presentation show up on the microsoft computer? Thanks in advance!
  2. maybe send it in a zip file ? Do you have a zip drive?

    Zip files compress and decompress.
  3. What is a zip file? I work on a laptop, so maybe I don't have one or else I don't know what it is. Thanks!
  4. Anyone?
  5. LEt me send Vlad this way.. he is eating dinner now, but wait a few and let me see what he says!!
  6. Thanks Megs!!
  7. I don't know the answer, but if you have a lot of slides, it takes up a lot of memory. Haven't ever worked on a MAC but googled your problem. You can download a free version of winzip and see if you can zip the file and email it to your buddy.
  8. My presentation is 16 slides, and it's for one of my classes. I googled, too, but all I came up with is stuff about Jpeg format, etc., but I don't know if that has anything to do with anything. What does it mean to zip the file? Thanks you so much for your time, coachwife6!:flowers:
  9. That's not a lot of slides. I've done several PowerPoint presentations but always on a Microsoft machine. One was 250 slides for end of school graduation.
    Do the photos that weren't taken off of the internet show up? Or do none of the photos show up.
    I'm going to post a tutorial on winzip but maybe Vlad will come along beforehand. Winzip decompresses your files and it can be sent much easier to the person who receives it. They need to have something to unzip the file as well. but there are plenty of free programs out there.
  10. Holy cow. My computer has been hanging big-time on TPF. You probably don't want to take advice from me after the six posts. Ick. Sorry.
  11. Everything shows up on the microsoft computer, except for the internet pics. In place of each internet picture, it said something about Quicktime and decompressing. I am not sure what the rest said. I used clipart, and those show up successfully, it's only the pics from the internet that don't show up. Also, I use the Mac version of Microsoft office 2004. I guess I have to try Winzip. Thank you!
  12. In the presentation, the internet pictures are all replaced with a message saying, a TIFF(uncompressed) decompressor needed.
  13. Please ignore this thread. A fellow PFer, pidgeon92, helped me through the steps to resolve this problem, and it was successful! Thanks to everyone who replied!:yahoo: