Techie people help me I think I've done something stupid

  1. can anyone please help me

    I was trying to disconnect my mp3 using that little thing in the bottom right of the tool bar you know the green arrow thing (yeah I know very descriptive LOL) anyway I think I clicked the wrong thing and disconnected the memory card slots & USB solts built into the front of the PC?

    I put a memory card in and I can't get it to open, I checked my computer and the drive isn't there (E) and I tried the RUN thing but that didn't work

    Guys how do I get it back :crybaby:
  2. Wheres Vlad LOL
  3. Have you restarted your computer since?
  4. OK, I restarted into windows and will see what I can find. For right now, try this:

    Start -> Control Panel (make sure you are in "Classic" view) -> Add Hardware

    Try walking through that and see if your computer can "see" what you accidentally ejected. It's going to say something about installing a CD. Don't worry about that.

    The other option is a bit "harder", or at least can cause more problems if you accidentally do something wrong.

    1) In the Control Panel, click Administrative Tools -> Computer Management. 2) On the left you will see a list, click (once) on Device Manager.
    3) In the right section of the window, you will see a list. At the bottom (or near the bottom) click on Universal Serial Bus controllers.
    4) Up where you would do "File -> Open" is an option called "Action". Click Action and choose "Scan For Hardware Changes"

    If that doesn't find anything, I don't know how to help :thinking:. Restarting your computer may also make your computer "look" for what you accidentally ejected.

    Good luck! Hope this helps!
  5. You should be able to restart and have them show up again.
  6. If restarting doesn't work, you can do a system restore, which is really easy, back to the date before.

    Let me know if you need me to walk you through that :smile:
  7. Thanks so much guys I guess there was no need to panic they are all back when I switched on tonight Phew