Tech troubles

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  1. Sorry about the downtime in the past hour(s)... our host was faced with some serious security issues and had to do some fixing, now we're back to smooth sailing!

    Sincere apologies, I hope you all are still ok and haven't taken any serious damage from lack of your PF fix! ;)
  2. We survived....barely!!! kidding! Thanks Vlad!
  3. ^^^^I know!! I was checking every few minutes and was wondering what I was going to do!! I need my fix!
  4. Oh Boy !!! feels great to be back !!!

    Thank you,
  5. :lol: I did the same thing :shame: Phew, thought I'd actually have to work today! :P
  6. Christina! LOL!
    Glad it's fixed, I was fiending!
  7. The withdrawal was tough but I got through it .... lol
  8. I had already starting Twitching !!!! LoL
  9. I thought something was wrong with my computer!!! SERIOUSLY!!! Too funny....glad we are back ON!
  10. Phew! thank goodness I wasnt on line yet! Yet another who needs her morning fix of coffee and the PF to survive the day!
  11. I had serious withdrawal! I'm glad we're back up now.
  12. lmao ...i thought they did something @ work to the pc .......i was about to call MIS
  13. I was soooo going through withdrawal :amazed:
  14. Thanks Vlad!
  15. I really thought it got a virus or something from me. :cry: I have this paranoia as the soap forum I frequent, someone always hacks into it for some reason. I want to scream, "We just want to make soap!"

    So glad it's back.