Tech Problems !!!

  1. We think the site is over loaded right now, so some of us,(including me) are having problems navigating and accessing tPF. I have spoken to Vlad and he will be "on it" as soon as he & Megs reach their destination.

    Sorry for the inconvenience :confused1:
  2. I noticed it too. No problem. Thanks for the update!
  3. Funny....I could get on no problem on my computer in the kitchen and not at all in the bedroom!!! As long as I can check in every 15 minutes....JUST KIDDING! I actually thought it was my computer having the problem!! Thanks for the heads up!!;)
  4. HAHA! Megs and I are texting each other,Im writing..HURRY! IM IN PF WITHDRAWAL!!LOLOL!
  5. just out of many people are on here, at any given time? i know right now it's around 600- but i never pay attention to see if that stays consistent. you know?
  6. i had to swtich 2 computers to get on here! :p
  7. Right now ! 413 members & 247 Guest :yes: Also, it depends on the time of day. This time seems pretty consistent with the amount of people on.
  8. Do you guys ever sign off? I noticed that I just close my tab on my internet explorer and leave but I dont actually sign off. Does that make it seem like im on 24/7?! Omg, you guys must think I totally neglect my kids!! :roflmfao:
  9. that's sort of what i figured to be the steady amount of people on...but i don't usually pay much attention.
  10. Oh, man , I thought it was computer that one that would not let me go in! Yes, I was having an attack!

  11. me too!
  12. I was almost in tears I thought I was thank goodness its just a tech issue
  13. murphy's law, go away and the system goes down.
  14. so glad it is up now...
  15. I was off and on yesterday, and all was OK until late afternoon-around 4:30 Eastern-posts wouldn't post, threads wouldn't open-I figured it was just everyone arriving at their desired destination, like me!