Teaser-Spy Snowglobe Competition

  1. As you ladies on the Fendi threads know I was given a Fendi Spy Snowglobe, as a present from one of my SA when I bought the Black Pearl Spy. Well thought it would be a good idea to have a competition for it. Wanted your input - what do you think about this?

    The competition will be at the end of July, I shall be back from holiday by then with the Black Pearl and the snowglobe.

    The competition will only be for the ladies on the Fendi thread who have spy bags, as do not want someone to win it then sell it on eBay....Lol. At the moment I am going with a competition of "Guess the Spy", if I find a spy I wish to buy while on holiday the competition will be to guess which one I got. So what do you think?

    Also if I do not find a spy while away, which I think is unlikely, can anyone think of another competition I could do so that someone could win the snowglobe.
  2. Oh no! But..... Suddenly I REALLY miss my cognac...... and my choco hasnt come yet... :crybaby:...
  3. Count me in Saich - fabby idea!!!!

    Still have thinking hat on on ideas but the guess the spy one is a goody
  4. Joanniii the competition will not be till the end of July.

    Secret - yes keep thinking, but hopefully it will be guess the spy, glad you love the idea.
  5. This will be a hard competition to win!
  6. what a great idea!! thsnk god i have a spy!! teheee!! yay!!!!! umm if not do somethign random.. like a number.. or color or something liek tht...
  7. :crybaby: I'm spyless - but totally understand the reasoning.
  8. Riffraff I was going to say spy ladies only because did not want someone from another thread wining, perhaps I should open the competition up to include ladies that love the spy :sneaky: we shall see when I put the competition up.

    Great idea Baby boo, yes if we do not do guess the spy perhaps we could do what you said
  9. Saich,
    you are so naughty! Encouraging us to spend money :p hehehe.. But I am sure I will have a spy by then, so don't you worry I'm definetly going to be in for sure! :yahoo: hehe

  10. You did not know did you I had shares in Fendi stock, the more you buy the more my shares go up.......only joking.
    When I do the competition I wish you the best of luck
  11. LOL--I probably would turn around and sell it on eBay, so I don't think I'll participate!:shame:
  12. Great idea, since I have 3, I can participate. How about some obscure Spy history question.
  13. No No No.....Lol....who ever wins must not sell on eBay.

    gloss_gal thats another brilliant idea, glad I asked you ladies, besides guess the spy had know idea as to what else the competition could be.
  14. Count on me Saich !!!
    I love your idea !!!

  15. Saich I trully believe they should give you shares there!!

    You are their best customer!