Tear on bag after 2 uses


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Sep 14, 2020
I got my first light beige YSL bag at the boutique this summer. I absolutely love it so got the college bag at the boutique not too long ago. I didn't get much wear out of either bags. I used them each only twice and was very careful about the tip of the flap since I was aware that corner will show wear and tear first. Even though I will open the bag touching the side of the flap and avoiding the tip, the tip of the flap already shows some tearing even with minimal use!! Is this normal? I expected this to happen after a year or so but not so quickly. It's not visible to others when using the bags but it bothers me that it's there and will probably get worse. I know some people used nail polish but my sales associate warned me against doing that and said they won't be able to repair if I mess with it. Any advice on care and what to expect after more use? I want to get the loulou bag but am a little worried.






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