Tear of joy - My 35cm... ...

  1. I was rather down when I failed to acquire my 35cm Birkin on the recent trip. Nevertheless, I was very happy to have Miss Kelly Pochette, she was a bonus! :heart:
  2. Miss Kelly Pochette sounds lovely. Congrats. Pics please.
  3. :heart: And the story goes ......
  4. As some of you ladies are aware, I'm moving to USA in few weeks time (I was suppose to leave last week but needed to stay back to sort out some housing issues).

    Time is running out and I don't expect my Birkin 35cm to come on time :sad: I wasn't able to sleep for the past nights especially last night! I was dreaming my SA called me and offered me my 35cm!:crybaby:
  5. MrsS - Kekeke :roflmfao: patience... ...

    This morning woke up, with Panda eyes, still dreaming of my 35cm... ...Never did I look so haggard :push:

    At 12ish, my phone rang, it was HIM! My SA!
  6. He said he had something to show me. My heart was beating fast and could not believe it!!! :yahoo::heart::nuts: However, I pretended and maintained my calm telling him I would drop by "if" I have time :roflmfao:

    Within 45 minutes, I was at H store, Viola ~!!!!!!!!
  7. Ooooo .... I like swift unveilings, Amanda! But I also want the whole story!!!! :graucho:
  8. [​IMG]
  9. ok????????? then what amanda?
  10. Dear Ms. Amanda:

    A 'commercial break'??? 4 Viewing early morning.....
  11. :lol:The speed that Hermes commands us!!!!
  12. [​IMG]
  13. F5 F5 F5 ..... Good girl ... pretty fast. Don't go away now, OK?
  14. Peekaboo

  15. Oh Amanda, I am so happy for you. Quick, show us what you've got!