Team LC or Team Heidi/Spencer Vote


Who's team are you on?

  1. Team LC

  2. Team Heidi/Spencer

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  1. With the Hills season three starting next week, who's side are you on: Team LC or Team Heidi/Spencer?
  2. Team LC!
  3. LC (don't tell anyone I actually watch this show ;))
  4. Team LC for me. I can't help it but this show is really addicting.
  5. I know! I'm 32 and my 37 year old DH and I watch it religiously! I read in a magazine that Hulk Hogan is also hooked on it, so I don't feel so bad now. ;) It's actually become a huge hit for MTV!
  6. Really Hulk Hogan watches The Hills? That is so funny.
  7. No, maybe it was on his show that I heard that, can't remember...but I remember DH and I looking at each other saying, "Hogan watches The Hills??? lol
  8. Heidi & Spencer are somethin else!

    enough said.
  9. team LC all the fricking way!
  10. Are there any t-shirts out there??? I'd definately be rocking one for L.C.
  11. Noone's voted for Heidi and Spencer.. what a shame lmao.
  12. Team LC!
  13. Team LC! :smile:
  14. Team LC!! :yahoo:Definitely not the Gruesome Twosome!!!
  15. Spencer is a tool. Team LC here