team effort; word puzzle

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  1. this is a huge and difficult puzzle.

    click "save game" and the window changes with the URL of your saved game and a place to paste the URL of someone else's saved game. This way, you can post your updates and merge the updates of someone else.

    I've been working on this with folks from another board, so it wouldn't be right to post my URL - yet!

    but; start with "cow", "chicken", "farmer".

    More on the URLs. They are like 4 lines long. Make sure to copy the whole thing. When you click on someone else's URL, click in the address bar and press CTRL+C to copy and CTRL+V to paste. Do this before clicking in the game window or the URL will be lost.
  2. oooh this is fun! will post my URL later although i'm doing embarassingly bad :s
  3. ^^ i didn't even know godzilla was a dinosaur :P
  4. Take one of our games, fill in your answers and then save that game. Then paste the link here so we can work off of your answers.