Team-Building Activity

  1. So today being Friday, it also happened to be Payday. However, what made this Friday different was we spent half of the day at a BOWLING ALLEY!! You see, my dept decided that it would do us all some good to have a "team-building event", and what better ways to promote team-building besides BOWLING??:nuts: It was sooo fun to see my superiors trying to bowl. I really think it's one of those sports where everyone can enjoy, take turns, and have a great time. So here's the question ... Does your company do any team-building events? If so, what activities do you guys do?
  2. My lame ex-boss made us go ice skating at the Galleria.
    Might have been fun if we were 8yr girls in tutus... cos those were the other people sharing the rink w/ us.
  3. No way, we're lawyers we don't believe in "team building"

    j/k, I wish we did! the bowling sounds fun.
  4. When I worked for REI, we did. We did climbing nights at the rock climbing gym, group bike rides, etc. At work, on fridays before we opened, we played some kind of team game. One time, the manager was at a loss for something fun to do, so I suggested a scavanger hunt/relay in the store, and each person on the team had to ride one of the kids tricycles we had to sell in the store. Pretty funny seeing 6 foot tall guys riding a little tiny tricycle around the store! It was the best!
  5. they've tried..but i work for the govt and we have to pay for the activities ourselves, so no one is really enthusiastic..
  6. Funny you should mention this because we're supposed to have a team building event soon.. I don't know what we're doing this year..But I did go paintballing with co workers twice before...
  7. There's only 10 employees in the company I work with and the stuff we did was going to a ball game. It's not my thing so I'm sat out the last time they did it. If it was a hockey game, maybe. If it's to the amusement park, let's go!!!
  8. my team had treasure hunt last year at darling harbour
    quite fund
    alot of riddles to solve
  9. We are all spread out geographically(my closest co-worker is over 2 hours away) so we try to have a team building dinner whenever we meet for a district meeting. We've been bowling, too, and it was actually pretty fun.

    We met our numbers for a specific project and corporate gave us a chunk of money to do an "extra special team building activity." So far we haven't agreed on anything, but I think most us are leaning toward one of those murder/mystery dinner theater type things.
  10. Same with our law firm... Bowling does sound fun!!
  11. We have a "happy hour" like 4 times a year for all the teachers in my district. It's supposed to be a time for us to get to know one another... but since everyone ends up drunk, we forget who we even met! (or are too embarrassed to face them again) I think I'd prefer bowling. :shame:
  12. Same w/ academic departments, for the most part. Of course, there are a lot of us that are friends with each other. But as for the community as a whole, the administration is lucky if they can get a lot of these intellectual types to even say hi to each other in the hall.

    I always think team building sounds fun though!
  13. oh that's fun! i just started my new job so i don't know if there are any team-building activity going on..
    but my team is pretty small... 8 ppl... and we hang out everyday and go to lunch together.. so we have a pretty good team atmosphere going on! :wlae:
  14. I like the idea of bowling because you have to have a huge sense of humor and unless you are already a good bowler everyone is going to do funny things, balls in the gutter...kinda evens the playing field.

    Our company doesn't really do this and I wish we would. We have tried to do the annual holiday party thing but it's super inconsistent. For many years we just didn't have any budget or anyone who really made it a priority. Then September 11th happened and we decided to donate what money we did have set aside to the Red Cross. After that again, no funds in the later years.

    Then a couple years ago we had a HUGE blowout holiday party and chartered a boat for 500 people and had a blast. But then the next year, nothing except for a picnic that was poorly attended. :shrugs:
  15. I'm a teacher and at the end of the schol year we had to do Project Adventure as a team building exercise. It was really fun- it was all about problem solving and teamwork!